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    Drug calculations

  3. Spikey74

    Drug calculations

    Thanks ladies....I just want practice questions for practice....something like a workbook or something...
  4. Spikey74

    Drug calculations

    Does anyone know where to get recommend safe dosage practice questions from for ADULTS?? Please help!!!!!!ASAP
  5. Spikey74

    struggling in my med-surg course.. study tips?

    Is this Saunder's Comprehensive Review-RN??
  6. Spikey74

    How to count respirations?

    Was taught the same way...was told if the pt knew you were taking resp they would breathe abnormal (fast,slow,try and count with u...)
  7. Spikey74


    Thanks I just saw it on Walmart's website...was order Davis Drug guide and I wanted to know if this would be a great investment as well...so you say this book is a great tool for careplans? This is not by Ackley (which I have already) this is by Doenges, Murr and Moorhouse
  8. Spikey74


    Nursing Care Plans: Guidelines for Individualizing Client Care Accross the Life Span..has anyone ever heard or used this book? Is this a good tool for care plans?
  9. Spikey74

    Is there an easy way memorizing drug names?

    Where do you get this "sheet" from that already has the classes broken down for you?
  10. Spikey74

    100% on my exam and it wasn't exciting... :(

    @TMT2012...where did you get the NCLEX book from and what is the name ?
  11. Spikey74

    Can you unscramble...

    I came up with the same answer u did 75 mcg but it was marked wrong and the answer that was given was 1 ml...I wanted to see how someone other than me solved the problem....thanks...I will consult the instructor
  12. Spikey74

    Can you unscramble...

    I couldn't figure it out bc I know the conversion for tsp is 5ml = 1 tsp and that cancels the tsp and that 1mg=1000mcg but i couldn't figure out how to cancel the mg to get the answer in mls...the answer is 1ml...but how is the set up?
  13. Spikey74

    Can you unscramble...

    Order: Digoxin 0.2 tsp po b.i.d.. On hand is 75 mcg / ml. How many ml's will you give? ____________ ml(s)
  14. Spikey74

    Med Calc..Show me set up...Please!!

    Thanks Shaas...I was reading too much in question #1 but for question #2 I did it the way you have it set up and got the answer marked wrong...106.5 ml/hr was suppose to be the answer. IDK maybe the answer key is wrong but thanks for your help these questions are worded tricky!
  15. #1 Zofran 0.15 mg/kg IVPB 30 minutes before chemotherapy. The label on the vial states to dilute the drug in 50 ml of D5W and infuse over 15 minutes. Calculate the flow rate for a patient who weighs 55 kg, when the drop factor is 10 gtts/ml. #2 Hycantin 3.25 mg IV daily for 5 days. Repeat every 21 days. The label on the vial reads 4 mg/4 ml. Directions state to withdraw the dose and add to the 50 mls of D5W and infuse over 30 minutes. Calculate the flow rate in ml/hr.
  16. Spikey74

    Grades don't matter! Are you sure??????

    Im starting clinicals next month and I'm going in with a 3.6 GPA...I want to maintain that through out but sometimes it is hard to obtain that "A" that you want so to those who have previously posted and are getting "A"'s tell me how you study so I can get A's too. I've heard all the sayings (C= Continue, C= degree, C=RN,ect) and I feel like as long as you are putting in the effort and you still get a "C" then you shouldn't beat yourself up and neither should anyone else but to the slackers who cruise to get by then they deserve the grade they get. In all grades do matter....so tell me how to maintain my current GPA.