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  1. Transplant-BSNTx

    TWU 2009/2010 cirriculum

    Go to : Then select the "Sample Program Plan for Basic Students Admitted as of Fall 2007 [pdf] " link.
  2. Transplant-BSNTx

    Survey Fentanyl drips

    My facility stocks the pre-mixed 2000mcg/100ml bags of fentanyl which is kept secured in our medication pyxis. However, I too work in the ICU. The only departments that stock the pre-mixed fentanyl bags are ER/ICU/OR/Palliative Care in my facility.
  3. Transplant-BSNTx

    medical and surgical intermediate floors....more like ICU or Med/Surg?

    "Intermediate" or "Step-Down" Units vary from hospital to hospital. At some hospitals they take "stable" vented patients, and some they do not. Usually there will be telemetry monitoring and a higher acuity than on a regular med/surg unit.
  4. Transplant-BSNTx

    Houston doesn't like me!!!

    Harris County Hospital District
  5. Transplant-BSNTx


    You might want to ask this particular facility's HR about the salary quote. At my place of employement, they take : 40hrs/week X 52 weeks/year=2,080 your salary / 2,080 = hourly rate So, in your case it would be: $55,645 /2,080 =$26.75 hourly Hop...
  6. Transplant-BSNTx

    CVC dressing change-- is this a gauze or transparent dressing?

    You might want to check out your hospital's policy. In the hospital that that work in, it is policy to place a 2X2 sterile gauze over the CVC insertion site whether it be covered by a covaderm, duoderm, or tegaderm. It is also policy to place a sing...
  7. Transplant-BSNTx

    How soon after Graduation did you take the NCLEX?

    I graduated December 16, 2006. I took NCLEX Janaury 16, 2007. I found out that I passed NCLEX January 18, 2007.
  8. Transplant-BSNTx

    What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    I took NCLEX on 1-16-2007 and the computer shut off at 75 questions after 1hr 15min. I found out today that I passed!
  9. Transplant-BSNTx

    Tx Authorization to Test

    I did it all online. We had to go online to Pearson VUE NCLEX and register and pay the $200 fee individually. So, when you go on to register, you create a username and password. They sent me an email with a link to register for NCLEX. You might wan...
  10. Transplant-BSNTx

    stupid question

    I graduated this month, and I paid $200 to Pearson VUE adnd $ 139 to the Texas BNE. When I received my ATT for Pearson VUE, I logged into my Pearson VUE account and it said a $200 fee, but nothing was due. If you received your ATT, that means that al...
  11. Transplant-BSNTx

    Tx Authorization to Test

    The authorization to test (ATT) comes from Pearson VUE. I gave them my email and they emailed the ATT to me in a .pdf file the Monday following graduation (Our school overnighted the affadavit of graduation to the BNE). Hope this helps.
  12. Transplant-BSNTx

    Houston Tx Bound

    I'm relocating to Houston when I graduate in December 2006. I'm considering living in Pearland or Sugarland. Are these good choices? Also, does anyone have any info on MD Anderson?
  13. Transplant-BSNTx

    clincal decision unit

    What is a clinical decision unit?
  14. Transplant-BSNTx

    What are the age ranges in your RN class?

    I am a senior in a BSN program and will graduate in December. We have 34 people in our class. The youngest is 21 and the oldest is about 40. The average age is about 23.
  15. Transplant-BSNTx

    Do grades matter after graduation?

    I graduate in December and have been looking for nurse internships in critical care, er, etc., and the hospitals that I have been checking (major teaching hospitals) require you to have a certain gpa to be accepted. Most of the ones that I am lookin...