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  1. dalva522

    What branch?????

    I would like to know what branch has a faster promotion, and which one is slower for an RN?? I am prior service and spent alot of time in the field, I have since gone on to get my RN and was wondering which branch would be best for a family, and for promotions...any and all comments would be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance..
  2. dalva522

    Dallas: VA/Medical City/Presbyterian GN Pay Rate?

    do not be weary....pls dont listen to anybody when they talk bad about the va.. the best benefits hands down!!! the best patients ever...you will never care for patients in any other hospital and truly feel appreciated by them like our veterans..the bonus is good but trust me when i tell you that there are more applications than positions, the private sector will send you home when the census is low, and its at an all time low everywhere, the va never ever sends people home..if you truly want to help people and really love what you do go to the VA..