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    Spring 2014 New Grad Residency Programs -Denver

    Hi all, I am finishing up a BSN program in Arizona and will be moving to the Denver area after graduation. My husband has been transferred and is already working there. Thus far I have applied to UCH's residency and Children's. I did my preceptorship in a level 3 NICU and really hope I can get a position in a NICU. Wondering if there are any others out there not so patiently waiting? I thought obsessing on here might keep me from checking my application status 20 times a day. I know they posted time frames for scheduling interviews - doesn't seem to help:->. Gonna be a long couple of months. Also, anyone applied/accepted to these programs (or others) in the past have any tips, advice, words of wisdom. I'm a strong student academically, lots of volunteer work with children, 2nd degree mature (aka older) student. Any insights on the type of students that usually get accepted to these programs?
  2. I was a 2nd degree BSN student and graduated in December. I had no paid hospital experience and will begin in the NICU next week. I was a straight A student through school, however. Going in I knew jobs (especially hospital jobs) were tight so I buckled down and made sure I read everything I possibly could, studied while my family was off having fun, showed up for every class/ clinical, and did everything instructors asked of me with a smile. For me it paid off. Good luck.
  3. Hello, I will be graduating in December with my BSN and plan to move to Denver from Arizona. My husband has already been transferred there for work, so we are definitely moving. I have a few questions about the licensing process. I plan to apply for licensure by examination and take the NCLEX in CO since that seems like the simplest option - and recommended by hospitals I have applied with. I just want to make sure I understand the process. I have called and emailed the BON (DORA) but haven't really gotten my questions answered. Specifically I want to confirm that I HAVE to wait until my degree posts and I have my transcript with degree posted to file anything with the BON and innate the licensing/ NCLEX process. (In AZ you file everything a couple of months before graduation and then the school updates the BON when you graduate). My understanding is that once I have my transcript I can file with the BON, wait for the ATT, and then wait for a test date, and then wait again for my license to post. Is this correct? When does one apply with Pearson? My concern is that my degree will not post until early January so I can not even initiate the process until then. UCH wants applicants for the new grad program to have tested by January 17th/ licensed by February 10th. Of course I have no idea if I'll even get an interview with them, but it will stink to get in and then not be able to take the job because I do not have my license yet. I have already paid extra for my degree posting to be expedited with my university and plan to hand deliver my application to the BON if at all possible. How long should I expect it to take from that point to ATT? From ATT to NCLEX date? And from passed NCLEX to CO License? Thank you.
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    Dear Cheaters

    I have never known of anyone cheating on exams, but I find online discussions frustrating. I still can't understand why instructors don't make it where discussion posts are not visible to everyone until the due date. Then give time for reading and responding AFTER everyone has submitted their initial discussion. Hang in there.
  5. Southern Magnolia

    iPad and MBA? (Mandatory e-books)

    I have used my ipad throughout my BSN program for e-books through VitalSource bookshelf. I have them on my imac as well. I would say that having the more portable version would probably be a good idea. However, you might consider an ipad mini. It just depends on your other needs. I have had an ipad since the 1st generation came out and must say that I really like reading on it better than print books. I have a 4th gen retina now and carry it around like another text book.
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    Spring 2014 New Grad Residency Programs -Denver

    Jude19 Definitely will let you know if I have any changes. It's too funny we are in the same boat . . . we are in the countdown too. My boys ask me every night "how many days?". I have a count down going that includes days of class remaining, days till pinning, days till graduation, and days till we are in CO all together. Can not wait!
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    Spring 2014 New Grad Residency Programs -Denver

    Nothing for me from UCH. I got an email from Children's a couple of weeks ago that indicated that I was being sent on to hiring managers. But if it was via snail mail I won't get it until my husband brings the mail home this weekend (mail is going to our address in CO but I'm still in AZ). When I checked my application status last it says that I am being "actively considered with other applicants". Thankfully, I guess, my public health class is crazy busy (16 weeks crammed into 7) and I'm trying to study for the NCLEX so my time to obsess is limited. Best of luck.
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    If you have kids, when do you study?

    My boys were 4 and 5 when I started school and I study when they slept or after getting them interested in their own activities. I realize I'm lucky and that every child is different but by about 16 weeks both of my boys slept through the night. They went to bed around 7 after a routine that include bath, story, song, and nursing. Last nursing was before I went to bed at 11pm and they slept till at least 5 am. As they got older the 11 PM nursing time changed and dropped and wake up time got slightly later. I highly recommend routine and sleep training. My children are now 6 and 8 and have never really had any trouble sleeping through the night except for episodes of illness. Good luck.
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    Spring 2014 New Grad Residency Programs -Denver

    Jude19 I had the same issue. I ended up emailing them. I wonder if it was because they recently changed their application system.
  10. Southern Magnolia

    CO licensing process after school in another state

    Thank you so much NICU RN :) Hopefully I get whoever processed your application:)
  11. These are all really good. I am always amazed by how casually some of my classmates approach nursing school. My only addition would be to mention for nurses that so graciously precept students - please know that sometimes we aren't there for report because our instructors do not arrange our clinicals in that fashion. It always bothered me, but for our med-surg clinicals we didn't get released to the floor with our assigned nurse's name until 7:30-7:45. I still don't know why they did it this way because we were required to be at the hospital by 6:30. Thank you to all the nurses that helped me along the way. Just a few weeks of public health and the NCLEX to go for me. I hope to pay your kindness forward someday.
  12. Southern Magnolia

    Spring 2014 New Grad Residency Programs -Denver

    Yay BlueJays2013. I got the email today too. Fingers crossed for us both. Are you in CO?
  13. So I am a Sr. BSN student. I will be graduating in 54 days (but who's counting). I am a mature student - 2nd degree, 2nd career, married with children. I am an admitted perfectionist and have worked my rear off in nursing school to do well. I have done quite well both in didactic work as well as clinicals. In my family nursing clinical last semester and again in my senior preceptorship this semester I was told by my preceptors to "stop trying to be perfect" and to "cut yourself some slack". I'm not sure what to do with their feedback. I am obviously perceiving situations differently from the nurses I have worked with. As I said, I am a perfectionist. I am driven. If I make a mistake I admit it, apologize, try to figure out where or why I went wrong, make a new plan, probably run the new plan by the preceptor, execute, and then reevaluate. As far as my family nursing clinical goes, I was working in a pregnancy prevention program and honestly don't know why that preceptor said that. It was a very fluid situation and I don't think I could have screwed up if I had tried so I really don't know how I was hard on myself. In my senior preceptorship, I was in an NICU and managed to take a full load by my 8th shift or so - so I think I did well though I don't really know what "normal" would be. I received high marks and high praise from both preceptors. I think (thought) I did very well in both situations. Most of the mistakes I have made in clinical are instances where I should have thought of something (the next step or big picture) and didn't or I forgot to chart something - after having been taught to do it. Now, I realize as a senior student next level thinking is usually hit or miss, but I feel like I should say something like "sorry, I should of thought of that. Or "Sorry, I knew that. I'll get that next time." Is this wrong? I did grab the wrong milk for a baby one day but had not done anything with the milk yet or initiated my checks. I had gotten it out and then got called away. And I did apologize and did some inner chastisement because that could have been a big deal. Is my feeling that I need to acknowledge my mistakes and my learning curve making me come off in a bad light? I guess my problem is that I'm not sure how to take their advice. I will be graduating soon and hopefully will be able to get a new grad residency in a NICU/PICU. When I inevitably forget things or make mistakes is there a better way to handle the situation? How do you handle it when you make a mistake or forget something?
  14. Southern Magnolia

    OMG Say it correctly!

    My mother recently started using text messaging. When I text her a message telling her something my boys have done that is new or interesting, she responds "that's alsome". - meaning awesome. It has happened multiple times so I know it isn't due to autocorrect.
  15. Southern Magnolia

    Graduating soon . . . told by preceptors "stop trying to be perfect"

    Thank you all for your feedback. I have been chewing on this awhile, and I agree that is probably just a matter of apologizing too much. I hope I wasn't coming off frantic or frazzled. There were certainly shifts that I felt that way, but my perception wasn't that "frantic" was my norm. However, I will watch more closely once I am working to make sure that I'm not creating that kind of environment. As for bullies, morte, I have reconciled myself to the fact that I am one of those people that attract the attention and ire of those that for whatever reason need to try to intimidate others. I've seen it in my past career and in nursing school. Thankfully, I have always been able to navigate those types of situations by not feeding into it in any way. My attitude with that sort remains the same, despite their attempts to unravel me, and I kill them with kindness. I'm hoping that tactic continues to work. I think when they realize that you are onto their game and not as dumb as you look (or they think you are) then the fun is spoiled and they move on to someone else. Thanks again for your insights.
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    Working during nursing school

    Hi all, I just finished up my prerecs and will be applying to NAU for admission this coming fall. I have a BA already but I'm in Tucson so I'm planning to do the traditional BSN (5 semester) program. I am thinking of applying for PCT positions in the meantime. The catch is one of the hospitals that's hiring wants a 1 yr commitment for PCT training. This would put me having to work during nursing school if I get in this fall. As an aside . . . I already have CNA training from Iowa but can't work on my certification in AZ because the program was different credit hours and I didn't have clocked hours in Iowa (just traning and testing). Though all the basic skill checkoffs appear to be the same as a level I PCT - no cath, IV, or meds. Anyway, my question is for those of you who worked during nursing school - especially if there are any NAU students out there - is it doable? I don't "have" to work. I just thought getting in with a hospital on the front end might help out getting a job later on and also to help cover some of the costs of school. If I do work I'm hoping to work Fri/ Sat nights so my husband can be home with my children when I'm gone. It doesn't look like any of the clinicals are on the weekends in NAU's program is this correct? I'm a good student and do what I need to do to get an A my classes but I know nursing school is different from prerecs. Is working a bad idea? Thanks,
  17. Southern Magnolia

    NAU- Tucson Traditional BSN (Fall 2011 Hopefuls)

    Are there any other's planning to apply to NAU's traditional BSN for the Tucson campus for this fall? I just moved back to AZ after a year in Iowa and was planning on doing U of A's 2nd degree program but since it changed to an MSN and the estimated cost is 40K I have switched gears. I actually just discovered that NAU has the Tucson program and I am so glad I did. My back up plan after I decided U of A's program was a crock (IMHO) was Pima. Since I already have a BA in English and Pima's wait is so long that wasn't an ideal situation either. So, looks like I have everything complete except the HESI A2 and maybe nutrition. I'm just finishing NTS154 at Pima but it doesn't look like that class will transfer for the nutrition requirement. I'm going to fight that though because Rio Salado has a 200 level nutrition that uses the exact same text and has the same course outline as the class I just took at Pima. Well - good luck to everyone. Maybe I'll see you in a classroom in the fall. Carrie
  18. Southern Magnolia

    NAU- Tucson Traditional BSN (Fall 2011 Hopefuls)

    Good luck. I should have offered you my study guide. Sorry I didn't think of it. Can't sell it b/c I wrote in it. We have orientation aug 25 th I think it is and classes start the week of the 28th. I just got my fundamentals book today. At first it didn't seem any bigger than my a& p book but then I realized the print is tiny and the pages are as thin as tissue paper and of course my A&P book covered two semesters.
  19. Southern Magnolia

    NAU- Tucson Traditional BSN (Fall 2011 Hopefuls)

    K- No worries. Just wanted to make sure you got it. Didn't want to leave you hanging. Sorry I don't know anything about the Kaplan. I did buy the Kaplan review guide when I was studying for the Hesi and felt like I didn't know anything after I took the practice test in it. I probably scored 50%. I was telling one of my friends and she said that Kaplan is tough. She is a nurse. She said that when they were studying for the NCLEX that if you could score 50% on the Kaplan you were ready for the real thing.
  20. Southern Magnolia

    Mac or Sony?

    I just bought my first mac (an imac) and I will never own another PC as long as I live. I got an iPad Valentine's day and am a complete convert! There isn't too much of a learning curve and everything is just BETTER. I can't tell you how much more intuitive everything is and where I had to deal with my PC crashing or freezing constantly from the day I bought it I have not had the mac crash yet (well to be fair I've only had it a week). Also apple has a back to school promotion going right now (I see this post is old but maybe this will help someone else). Anyway the current promo is a discounted price for students 0 I saved $50 plus you get a $100 gift card to use at ibooks, the mac app store, or itunes. I used it to buy the software that didn't already come on my computer. Best of luck.
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    my problem with allnurses...why so pessimistic?

    Keep in mind that there are people from all over the map on this board. Just like you found that their experiences don't dictate what happens to you - your experience doesn't invalidate theirs. It doesn't necessarily make others "downers" - perhaps they are simply telling it like it is FOR THEM. Were you reading the boards the last few months when acceptance/ rejection letters were going out . . . there are several people that I just knew were going to be accepted to programs that weren't. Things are getting tighter in my "neck of the woods". Oh- and this isn't sour grapes. I was one of the ones that received an acceptance letter.
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    NAU- Tucson Traditional BSN (Fall 2011 Hopefuls)

    Kestep, Sent you a pm a couple of days ago. (Nomad)
  23. Southern Magnolia

    NAU- Tucson Traditional BSN (Fall 2011 Hopefuls)

    Beege, I'll send you what I have in a bit. I was given a paper copy though so I'll just have to type it up for you. -this is Nomad by the way. I changed my screen name.
  24. Southern Magnolia

    What color is your uniform?

    Navy blue scrubs with school logo sewn on the scrub top.
  25. Southern Magnolia

    NAU accelerated program

    Confirm with NAU that they plan to use the HESI. I've "heard" that they are switching the entrance exam to the Kaplan for the traditional program. It would stand to reason that if that's the case the aBSN program would do the same. Best of luck.

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