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  1. frustratedprenurse

    New York City NYC CUNY Nursing School

    Hi NYDreamer, If it's ok, I was wondering which school you go to? I applied to a public school and didn't get it, and I'm beginning to look at more expensive options because i'm tired of not knowing whether i'll get in or not. You can private message me if you want. Thank you :)
  2. frustratedprenurse

    New York University Nursing program and HRSA Program

    Thank you so much for the information. I definitely don't want to take out $40,000 in loans a year for school, so this might be a good option. Would anyone know what kind of areas you work in once you graduate? Are they decent?
  3. frustratedprenurse

    Has anyone gone with HRSA??

    I read that HRSA will pay for your entire education if you work with them for a minimum of 2 years. Do you know what kind of areas they put you in? I live in ny.
  4. frustratedprenurse

    Has anyone gone with HRSA??

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into applying to nursing schools and i'm interested in NYU. I would love to go, but it's expensive. I was wondering if anyone has gone through HRSA to fund their nursing education and if so, what have your experiences been with HRSA? Any advice or feedback would be wonderful. Thank you!!!!!
  5. frustratedprenurse

    New York University Nursing program and HRSA Program

    Thank you :) I 'm actually looking to apply to the 4 year B.S.N program ( i don't have any type of degree yet)
  6. Hey everyone :) I have a question about the NYU nursing program. I went on their site and called them up and i can't seem to find out what the pre-reqs are for the program. All it says is don't have anything lower than a "c" in your courses. And it doesnt have a minimum GPA either. Does anyone go here? Could someone please give me more info? Also, i looked up scholarships for NYU and they have this program called HRSA. Does anyone know more about this program? They cover your tuition but they want you to work in areas where there's a severe lack of nurses. Where exactly would they place someone? Do you have any choice in where you go?? Thanks so much!