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  1. Kristy111

    So,which states ARE hiring Nurses?

    The jobs are out there for new grads, but not at the hospitals. Go to LTC and you will usually find more jobs...
  2. Kristy111

    Exposed to H1N1...for sure!

    It wasnt required where I work. But we will be getting one today(me and my four yr. old) so I will let you know how it goes. He was exposed to it about a month and a half ago and never got sick. A kiddo at his PNO got a positive H1N1 diagnoses a few hours after going to the PNO. The only time he goes to a PNO and the boy he makes buddys with has H1N1! HA! How's that for horrible luck?. I freaked out(since my son has asthma) and pre-existings. I called the ER line at our doc's office and he prescribed tamaflu(because his asthma is extreme when he gets sick) since he had been exposed. He started vit. C's, and a immune bosting yogurt before I called the doctor and I stalked up on pedialite and regular yogurt. He ended up not getting it(thank you god). Now I just have to worry about getting him exposed to it while getting the shot. Today.
  3. Kristy111

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    This young girl was filling out a form where you have to put front, middle, and last name. I looked at it, it said Harley okay not that bad. But her middle name was Girl :imbar.
  4. Kristy111

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    This is all from the same family; "Cain Candy" "Jesus Lord" "Heavenlee Grace". Poor Babies!
  5. Kristy111

    teen breast-feeding

    I am a young mother. I had my son when I was 19, I breast fed him for over a year. I honestly don't think that this is young mother/parent issue. I am an assistant orginizer of two different parent groups, ranging from teens to late 40's, singles, married, etc. so people from all over the specturm. The fact is; many women don't breastfeed anymore. No matter the age, our society really does frown on it, and lots of women for whatever reason choose not to do it. Other than that, what I hear from most women is that it hurts too much when they are feading/or your boobs hurt too much when they are not, or it takes down your sex drive. A good idea for hospitals to promote breatfeeding is getting a lactation consultant into talk to EVERY women that delevers a baby within the first two days of delevery. Have them talk about the healthy ways it helps the baby, the natural immunities, the great vitamens it gives to the early brain development of the child. Have them physically show the new mother how to breastfeed properly. That can have a HUGE impact on how long the mother breastfeeds. In my opinion, as good as formula is, you can never beat what is made in your body for your baby. They can try to copy it in formula, but I just didnt trust it. You can't duplicate it 100%. When I first started college my son was six months old, when we had break in lecture I would go in the restroom and pump. I had a cooler that was called the "breastfeeding pack" that I would bring with me. It was small cooler that went over the shoulder, that opened at the top...wasnt big at all. It was real simple.