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Hi, I have really always wanted to go into nursing. I have been going on and off since 2005, but I HAVE to work full-time. I am a single mother of a four year old, have a mortage, and a newly dependent elderly mother. The only thing that I can think of to do is go to Concorde, and I realize that the $$ is outrageous but I CAN'T go to school during the day, and this is the only one that has an actual program at night right? Paying that much terrifies me, but I can't keep running myself into the ground like this. I can get 6.89, and 6.09 in Subsidized, and Unsubsidized loans for 20,000. Does that sound like the going rate?? Is there anywhere else in dfw that has an actual night program, like four or after that I have not heard about?


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Dallas Nursing Institute offers night classes, it's on Abrams and 635. Here's the number 214-351-0223


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Yep, Thanks HOPE2BRN, I was going to give her this number.

I went through both admission processes and DNI is much smoother and the teachers they have now are AWESOME! They were just approved on April 24th to have an RN program, and they were approved with flying colors!

I wouldn't trade this school for no other in Dallas.

Every nursing school requires you to read and be able to think on your own. So ALL will be mainly self taught, whether you are at Concorde or DNI.

Don't believe the naysayers about Concorde or DNI. If they are mad it's usually because they cheated, failed, or thought they were gonna get more help. The money I spend to go there is SOOOO worth it!

Also, Concorde barely provides payplans now. But DNI does not have a problem with it!

Next, at DNI, you can wear your own scrubs, and just the white one's for 'outside' clinicals.

Then, it's Tues/Thurs/Saturday, and I'm surprised how the time flys. Maybe because it's interesting!

Good Luck on your journey to becoming a nurse!

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