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  1. I have been doing my pre-req's for about two years now. Yes, I am a recoving addict, with a felony and also with a DUI/sleeping medication. Nursing is what I want to do. I actually want to work in crisis centers with juviniles and I would like to help them before they do what I did, I am now in my 40's. My felony is actually a burglary, I opened someones car and took 21cents when I was hungry. Yes is was wrong, I was actively using, and very sick at the time. I do have awesome letters of reference , one from a police officer, and one from my pastor. The letters will be given to me when I am needing them. I have heard that there are certain states are are more lenient on getting into the schools then others. I am now in Georgia. My felony was in Florida and my family is in Philly. Does anyone have any advice for me? My GPA is a 4.0, and has remained there, I work hard and will not give up, unless God re-directes my path to do so. thanks so much

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