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  1. ceefde9891

    Nursing Home vs Home Care

    Thank you for the advice. I have spoken to both my supervisor and director of nursing at the facility regarding my workload and staying late. All my supervisor would say is that she knows it's a lot of work and that she'll help me. While she does help with some of the paperwork, there is still so much to be done. Also, she leaves on time so when all the work from the day piles up, it's still my responsibility, not hers. I spoke to the Director as well. She didn't quite help me out much either. She said I should delegate some of my responsibilities (being that it is appropriate) to my LPN, which I do already. So my facility isn't exactly the place that is going to help me make the job easier:(
  2. ceefde9891

    Nursing Home vs Home Care

    Hi, I have a big dilemma and I came here for some advice. Here it goes: I am an RN for 2 years. It took me some time to find a job but I ended end getting one about 10 months after passing my boards. This was a per-diem home care position. Even with this job I was still actively searching for a different full-time position. About 6 months ago, I was offered a per-diem position at a nursing home. So, for a couple of months, I was working at both this home care agency and at the nursing home. I was then given a full time position at the nursing home, which I took. I tried doing some cases for the home care agency (while working full time at the nursing home), which was extremely difficult. However, I didn't officially resign from the home care place since when I started out at the nursing home full time, I wanted to make sure I liked it. So here is the problem: I can't stand the nursing home. I am the charge nurse for the floor with many patients and no staff. Even with the already minimal staff we are provided with (for such a high census), we often have to work short a CNA which only places a bigger burden on me. Although I officially have 8 hours work days, I never leave before 10 hours; I have even stayed almost 4 hours past my time (I do not get paid for overtime). This is not because I don't know the work and how to do it. It is not because I am a slow worker or lazy. It is because it's nearly impossible to finish all the work they expect of me in my shift. Every day they add on more paperwork and other nonsense that keeps taking up more of my time. In addition, they take off an hour of my pay every day for lunch. Not only have I never taken my hour lunch break; I've never even taken a two minute break. I sometimes can't even go to the bathroom since I am so busy. When I do get a one minute chance to use the bathroom, I am bothered with a knock on the door "nurse, nurse!". The nursing home has in-services almost every day for all staff which I am required to go to. There goes another hour of my time. So basically, as you can see my description, I would love to find another job, especially at a hospital. It is hard to apply anywhere since I am always working. I come home late and go to bed since I am so tired. Now, I was offered a full-time position at the home care agency I previously worked for. I am undecided what to do. I really want to leave my current position since it's stressful, demanding, and long hours. But I do think that in the long run it may be better to have as experience on my resume, in terms of getting a hospital job. I am also not thrilled about doing home care but my job at the nursing home is so bad that I feel the home care position will be better for me right now (even though in the long run it may not be.) Any ideas, thoughts, advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this really long post!!!
  3. ceefde9891

    cover letter at career fair

    I am deciding whether or not I should bring a cover letter for a career fair I will be attending. There are at least 15 different recruiters I would like to meet so personalizing a cover letter for each one seems like a lot to do. If it looks better on my part then maybe I should.
  4. ceefde9891

    Not sure about possible 1st job

    Hey everyone! I've been searching for a RN job since passing my boards (5 months ago) and until now, I had no luck finding anything. I recently had an interview for a large, growing, medical office. They mainly specialize in OB; however, they are continuing to expand their facility to include other areas as well. (therapy, cardiology, and much more...) From the impression I had at the interview, it seems like a great place to work. They are looking for a RN but not a typical nurse who will do assessments, care for patients, and perform hands on clinical work. They want a rn who will take on administrative responsibilities and oversee the entire facility- no hands on with patients but more like making sure everything is running smoothly with the patients, doctors, charts, office assistants etc...They want someone with more training than what I have but they are willing to train me; provided that I am eager to learn and will stay with their office for awhile. They don't want to train someone who will leave after a year, and the manager made this clear to me during the interview. At first I was all excited because manager said she really wanted me. She told me to think about it for a couple of days and then be in touch with her if I was at all interested. So what's my dilemma? Being a new graduate nurse (and this being my 1st job), I want to be involved with the patients. I didn't go into the nursing field to oversee that the office is running smoothly and that the doctors are doing what they are supposed to be doing. I want to be a nurse who interacts with the patients, hangs IV's, does assessments....the things I did in my clinical rotations in school. This RN job will not allow me to do that. The pros of me taking this position are: I have a RN job!, it's a great opportunity- they normally wouldn't take a new grad for this position; especially someone who has never been in charge of making sure e/o is doing there job correctly! But they are willing to train me in so it seems silly not to grab the opportunity. The main con- for my 1st job, i want to work in a hospital, nursing home, or any other health care facility where I get to actually do what I love to do! Right now I don't have anything else, which is the only reason why I would accept the position. But if something should come up, I wouldn't be easily able to leave(after the training and all that). I think I've written enough! I tend to ramble on and on:) I take the position? I look elsewhere? (as I've been doing for many months now!) Ideas anyone?? Any suggestions would be a great help!
  5. ceefde9891

    Online school on resume

    I am in a RN-BSN program online which is located in a different state than where I am licensed and looking for a job in. The jobs i am applying for are only in the state I am licensed in. Will this look funny to a potential employer? They may get confused and wonder how i am applying for jobs in one state and in school in another state. Do i need to say I am doing it online?
  6. ceefde9891

    Employment history on my resume

    I have no idea how to write this out on my resume!! I have worked at a certain care center since the summer of 2005 until summer 2011. But I haven't worked there every summer...how should I write it out on my resume? To be exact, I've worked there July '05, august '08, and both july & aug. 2010 & 2011. To keep things simple, I can just write summer 2005-2011...but is that considered lying because I haven't been there every summer? i want to say the truth but without looking stupid
  7. ceefde9891

    Resume Questions!

    My school's official degree is called an AAS...don't know why it's not called an ADN but I believe the two are pretty much the same thing. Thanks for your help!
  8. ceefde9891

    Resume Questions!

    Hey everyone! I have a few questions for my resume... I finished an Associates degree nursing program a few months ago and I will begin my RN-BSN program shortly. Should I put that down on my resume? And if so, how should it be written? I wrote in my cover letter that I will be continuing my education in a BSN program but should I write it in the education part of my resume as well? So far it looks like this on my resume: Name of School Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) 2012-2014 Name of School Associate in Applied Science (AAS) 2009-2011 Is this ok? Also, should my clinical experience be written on my resume? I have been told that it is not necessary and should not be put down but I don't have any major experience so I feel this will add to my resume and make it look better. Any suggestions?? Let me know what you all think. Thank you!
  9. ceefde9891

    New grad with no experience:(

    Hey all! I graduated from an Associate degree program in May 2011 and passed the NCLEX in the summer. While I would love getting a hospital job, I would seriously take anything to get the experience I need to eventually land my dream job. There's one problem: hospitals, nursing homes, clinics etc don't like hiring those with no experience (which is me). I am currently working as a medical assistant in a clinic. At least I will have some sort of experience (although not as an RN) to put on my resume. My question- how can I make my cover letter and resume sound good when I have no nursing experience? I have worked in the past but nothing nursing related.
  10. ceefde9891

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Congrats to all those who were accepted and good luck to those still waiting!! So I was accepted to the program but for the 3 year track- they told me it was because they felt my science part on the nln wasn't as high as they wanted-a 78...even though i got a composite score of 130 . So they put me in the 3 yr program instead of the 2 yr traditional. I don't think I'm going to end up going though since I only wanted to go to the 2 yr...
  11. ceefde9891

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    bp2244- so i got a composite score of 130 and a 91%. my scores for AD were- verbal-80 math-93 science- 78 i applied for the 2 yr traditional program
  12. ceefde9891

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    so i had my interview last week and it went really well!! for those of you who have it scheduled-relax!! don't be nervous, it was really not scary...just be very friendly and smile!! i was basically asking a lot of questions (which she really liked-it shows you did your research and are into the program) and then we were just talking about nursing, why wanna be a nurse, what motivated you, what does it mean to be a nurse, what do they do. the usual q's they ask on an interview, nothing scary!! I'm really hoping to get in... Just curious if any of you know an intro. to chemistry course or a general chemistry course i can take online this summer. I never took chemistry in hs or collge and BI told me i need to take it b4 coming into the program.
  13. ceefde9891

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    hey all...this is my first time posting on this thing!! My interview for BI is coming up really soon and i just wanted to know if anyone had one and how it went? what did they ask you and how long was it? Im kinda nervous so if i know what they're gonna ask me before, I'll be able to calm myself down a little!! thanx :)