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  1. gretz208

    Help! Cardiac Rehab Discussion

    Hi guys! I may need help or your tips/guides. Im in my 4th year BS nursing and currently taking up cardiac nursing as one of my specialty interest. Lecturer have asked me to do a "student-led seminar" in which the topic is about "CARDIAC REHABILITATION & SECONDARY PREVENTION". The student-led seminar means doing a presentation in front of your class plus making discussions among them (interactive presentation). i do have some ideas about cardiac rehab but im afraid my knowledge wouldnt be enough, as i think im not good at making discussions in front of everybody where i have to trigger something in order for the audience to interact. Any tips/guides would be really helpful and I appreciate it alot! thanks..
  2. gretz208

    What courses available after BSN?

    I will be graduating with BSN nursing in Brunei by the year 2013. I want to further my studies again but this time i want it in the UK. My spouse is currently working there so its good at the same times as i will be staying with him there and settle. Are there any courses to recommend me in order to further my studies after my BSN? I would like to study straightaway instead of hunting for a job at the moment. If there are any short courses to enhance my nursing practice would be fine as well. Im interested in specialties like : oncology, cardiac and midwifery.
  3. i am in such a dilemma between my love life and career life. i love to be with husband over in the UK.. but im worried that once im there, i will have the difficulties in finding a job.
  4. im sorry theres a typo error.. 12 MONTHS..... NOT 12 YEARS! heheheh
  5. Hello everyone, I would appreciate it if somebody here at least give me a piece of advice or something. I am a Filipino citizen, currently a nursing student (in Brunei) and I am married. I will be graduating soon in 2013 and will hopefully receive my BHSc Nursing. My husband is British and he works in the armed forces. We met in Brunei somehow and we fell in love; currently hes under contract here in Brunei and he will be going back to UK for good anytime soon in the coming years of 2013-2014. As soon as I graduate, I am pretty sure he will be going back to UK for good. Here's the problem: My husband wants me to be with him and settle in the UK, as well as work in the UK as soon as I graduate. And I have many questions in mind... 1) Will that be even possible?? Because I think the NMC only allow international nurses who have at least 12 yrs of nursing working experience (and I am going to be a fresh grad!!) 2) In order for me to work in UK and be with him, the only ways I thought of is: a) I must find a job in UK while in Brunei before I could start migrating there .. meaning I must stay in Brunei for a few more years?? OR b) he will do all the paperworks in order to bring me to UK as a military spouse. (which i dont know for how long it would take).. I dont know.. i think im very confused.. my husband and i have talked about this. but its just not clear still. so maybe a piece of advice would really help! P/S: Brunei is a country located in Southeast Asia (between Sabah and Sarawak of East Malaysia). Thats if, nobody knows where Brunei is. lol...
  6. Hello! I am a first year nursing student and it's been 3 weeks since the start of our first semester this month :) I'm proud to say that it's been quite fun yet stressful at the same time. Our school hasn't or probably never recommended us any good Nursing textbooks. I would love to hear if any of you would want to suggest any? I actually want to keep a really convenient one for myself Thanx ^_^
  7. Hi. I will be having my interview next Wednesday (29th April) and I'm excited and nervous at the same time! The university I'm applying to have actually briefed us about the MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) a week ago for us to prepare. However, they did not explain much details of the course. So weren't really helpful. But we know that there will be about: 1) on 'Why become a nurse?' [ this is VERY common ] - EASY 2) Knowledge of health care system - NOT SURE 3) Communication skills - EASY 4) Autobiographic presentation (where you gonna have to present PC-based abt yourselves) - THAT"S EASY 5) Critical appraisal - NOT SURE I'm worried about the critical appraisal and knowledge of the health care system ! What do you think the interviewers would ask me? ANd.. has anyone done this MMI interview before? If anyone would kindly help me or give me few tips or advices, it is greatly appreciated! Thanx very much! :icon_roll

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