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Hello everyone,

I would appreciate it if somebody here at least give me a piece of advice or something.

I am a Filipino citizen, currently a nursing student (in Brunei) and I am married.

I will be graduating soon in 2013 and will hopefully receive my BHSc Nursing. My husband is British and he works

in the armed forces. We met in Brunei somehow and we fell in love; currently hes under contract here in Brunei and he

will be going back to UK for good anytime soon in the coming years of 2013-2014.

As soon as I graduate, I am pretty sure he will be going back to UK for good.

Here's the problem: My husband wants me to be with him and settle in the UK,

as well as work in the UK as soon as I graduate. And I have many questions in mind...

1) Will that be even possible??

Because I think the NMC only allow international nurses who have at

least 12 yrs of nursing working experience (and I am going to be a fresh grad!!)

2) In order for me to work in UK and be with him, the only ways I thought of is:

a) I must find a job in UK while in Brunei before I could start migrating there .. meaning I must stay in Brunei for a few more years??


b) he will do all the paperworks in order to bring me to UK as a military spouse. (which i dont know for how long it would take)..

I dont know.. i think im very confused.. my husband and i have talked about this. but its just not clear still.

so maybe a piece of advice would really help!

P/S: Brunei is a country located in Southeast Asia (between Sabah and Sarawak of East Malaysia). Thats if, nobody knows where Brunei is. lol...

im sorry theres a typo error.. 12 MONTHS..... NOT 12 YEARS! heheheh

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There should be no problems with living in the UK if married to a UK citizen. Check UK borders website should give you a bit more info on what to do.Check and email NMC with your questions you may find from their point no problems however jobs are pretty hard at the moment in the UK and for NMC you will have to do a ONP course

i am in such a dilemma between my love life and career life. i love to be with husband over in the UK.. but im worried that once im there, i will have the difficulties in finding a job. :(

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Jobs are hard for many in the UK, check out nhs jobs website and see what is available where you plan to live

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