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  1. Suen

    SIU-E CRNA program

    Have couple of places of interest. However, still have some loose ends to take care of before the actual application. Hope all went well with the interview. Good luck. Are you able to send a pm?. Suen
  2. Suen

    SIU-E CRNA program

    Shix, I noted the flag next to your name. Interesting. I was interested in this program but didn't apply, maybe next year. let me know it goes. Suen
  3. Suen

    SIU-E CRNA program

    Hi Shix1980, I sent you a pm. Thanks
  4. Suen

    In what department do you not wipe the backside?

    mirgadia05, hey, where are you, "cat got your tongue?" we are nurses and pround of all aspects of our job. save your money and invest wisely. you gonna make one miserable nurse, no matter the type of nursing. nursing is not for all, and you don't sound like one of us. sorry.