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    CSUDH's MEPN Prereqs

    I am currently part of Cohort 4 of the CSUDH MEPN program. I took Patho online at Santa Barbara City College (I live in Los Angeles). It was definitely more affordable, and it was credited. So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, look into SBCC.
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    CSUDH CNL 2009

    the program is called Oklahoma University through Glendale Adventist Medical Center - http://www.ounursing.com/glendale/programs/bstobsn.html the is a satellite program for OU located in Glendale, CA. also, i want you to know that i didn't send in my confirmation letter to CSUDH until today so i know for sure that there are people out there who have accepted spots in other schools and are just about to decline their spot at CSUDH - once they do, people on the waitlist will get in. Bastet619 - keep emailing/calling mr. escamilla about your status every few days. from my experience, that is the only way to go about it since he's very busy. i didn't even get my confirmation letter which was supposed to be sent to me weeks ago until two days ago when i emailed him a bunch of times about it.
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    CSUDH CNL 2009

    hey Ba2LaCa. i'm sorry to hear that you've been waitlisted. BUT i think you have a really good chance of getting in because since CSUDH is sending out notifications pretty late, people who have been offered spots in other programs first may have agreed to attend those programs instead. alright, let us know what happens. p.s. if this option doesn't work out for you, there are many other options out there. i know of this one accelerated bsn program (OU at GAMC) that admits students 3x a year (so you can still apply for the fall term - deadline is in june). you get a bsn in a matter of 14 months (i applied to that one as well)!
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    CSUDH CNL 2009

    cjslovey: i'm sorry, but i really have no idea about registering for classes, especially fnp courses. for our track (CNL) advisors haven't given us word about our classes either. Bastet 619: right now, i am taking an online pathophysiology class at santa barbara city college. i don't know if you've already registered for a summer term elsewhere. i think that college of the canyons has an online patho class too. but if you haven't already, try to apply and register at santa barbara city college. their class online is pretty good and pretty straight-forward. their summer term starts june 15th and ends july 25th. should be no problem for you to get that stuff done before starting the mepn program some time in late august.
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    CSUDH CNL 2009

    i did get my acceptance letter in march. but my interview was all the way back in early november last year so i pretty much waited over 4 months. the wait is terrible. i got a couple of rejections before the acceptances too. so it was pretty horrifying. i know from past cohorts that they (CSUDH) can send letters as late as july. so just hang in there, and maybe in a week (if you haven't gotten word) you can call grad admissions again. goodluck. let us know what happens.
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    CSUDH CNL 2009

    hello. i emailed mr. escamilla a few weeks ago, and he said that they are still sending out notifications. the best way to reach him, i think, is via email since he doesn't get to return his voicemails right away. if you haven't received anything from them in the mail (i.e. letter notifying your status which also has your mycsudh account username and password and id), you can find out your admission status by calling the university graduate admissions office and asking them. the number is (310) 243-3645. that is what i did. they are very helpful. they will have your status information unless the nursing department has not gotten back to them. i hope this helps you in some way.