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    Know everything about bridging course in sydney

    hi chocokat, I am more confused now after reading your reply to isobelle asking her why she did not apply for the General Skilled Migration program when she had 3 yrs of experience. I thought the only way for a Filipino nurse to apply for the Skilled Migrant scheme is to complete the BP course first. Based from what Ive read on immi.gov.au, it is clear that even if we have more than 2 years of nursing experience, being a foreign trained nurses, our practice and qualifications do not meet their criteria because the healthcare system and educational system are not at par with Aussie's standards. That means, all of us has to undergo BP before applying for the GSM program. Please correct me if you have a better understanding of the process, so I would know if I could proceed with the GSM scheme instead. Thank you.
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    Know everything about bridging course in sydney

    HI chocokat79, I am also a second courser and I am interested in taking the BP in Australia. Would it be a problem if we took nursing as a second course? Also, I am currently registered as nurse here in UAE, but my company does not issue work certificate, does the NMB really require it? Will I still be assessed even if I lack this document?
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    help me moh exam uae

    Hi Irish, I guess you already took the exam last October and you may probably passed it too. I took the exam last October 2009 and the results were out two weeks ago with favorable results. This may be a delayed response, but for those who will be taking the examination in December, I suggest to grab a copy of Saunder's NCLEX reviewer, it helped me alot but reading it requires you to consume caffeine coz it will surely make you sleepy LOL. If you can find Med Surg Reviewer by Udan in the UAE you may also want to have a copy of it. MOH exam is like a mini version of Philippine Local Board. It has 100 multiple choice type of questions covering mostly Med-Surg subjects. The good thing about the exam is that it is so short you'll finish it in 2 hours. Hope this will help future examinees. Good luck!