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I'm a young man who wants to make a real difference in people's lives.

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  1. ASee

    A little encouragement please?

    This article https://allnurses.com/hawaii-nurses/nursing-future-383013.html
  2. ASee

    A little encouragement please?

    ..somehow the rest of the post got deleted.. I cant delete the thread... so just disregard this.
  3. Can anyone offer any words of encouragement to someone who has been fixed upon a career of Nursing every since they discovered it. I got interested in the profession about 5 months ago, and everything seemed so perfect... I wanted to do it for humanitarian reasons...Then everything seemed to fit into place.. A couple months later the news was SCREAMING nursing shortage, nurses were describing there specialties on tv & it seemed like fate was telling me to go for it... Until I found this site. :u

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