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    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    1. Risk factors for CVA: -african american -male -substance abuse (especially cocaine) -smoking -heavy alcohol use -diabetes -obesity -heart murmur -oral contraceptives -hx of MI -elevated cholesterol -sedentary lifestyle (think desk jobs) 2. Pernicious Anemia: Need vitamin B12 injections on monthly basis 3. Hematocrit: Should not increase by more than 4 points in 2 weeks. This is relevant when a patient is on epoetin alpha. Would need to decrease the dose. 4. AIR EMBOLISM: S/Sx: pale, dyspneic, tachycardic, and coughing Common with central line disconnect and with TPN #1 priority is turn patient on left side and lower the HOB (trendelenberg) for 20-30 mins #2 priority is to administer O2 5. Risk factors for colorectal cancer: -50 years or older -history of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (crohn's or ulcerative collitis especially) -HIGH protein, HIGH fat, LOW fiber diet -family history (1st degree relative) 6. Foods that contain high levels of potassium (cuz I can NEVER seem to remember): -bran -apricots -tomatoes -raisons -figs -baked potato with skin -unsalted nuts -cantaloupe -milk -meats -fish -spinach -vegetable juice -bananas (obvi) -orange juice (and other fruit juices as well)