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    Unique and Unselfless Services

    :ilyc:Okay i'm not a nurse nor do i have anything to do with medicine(other than take it).My sole purpose for signing up is just to give thanks to all the selfless people of the nursing profession and those also associated with it .I know that someday i may be in need of your unique and unselfless services and hope that as long i am able to to be a good patient,i am also apoligising now for what could possibly be some of your more "interesting' moments if should not be in control of myself or body. I do know a couple of nurses including my sis in law and i really do know where you are comming from.I have been reading here for about 2 yrs and just decided today to do this as it just seems right so if the persons responcible would be so kind as to put this post where it belongs i will be very grateful.:up::redpinkhe:heartbeat :ilyc: Thanks again : STAN