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    dealing with stress as a nurse

    Im currently a LPN..I have only been a LPN for about 6 months. I am constantley Stressing about my job everyday...Wether it be: Did I report that to the next nurse? Did I order all the labs needed? Is this person going to be ok when i leave, because the next nurse is more worried about getting her med. pass started? Is ALL my documentation finished, Is is 100 percent correct, Did I leave anything out? It is VERY nerve racking for me, I am having to hardest time coping with the anxiety and stress of nursing. It seems like EVERY time I go to work it may start as a good day, but then all hell breaks lose. I don't know , I chose this Career because I enjoy helping people, and I enjoy nursing. Im just at a lose for what how to cope with the whole aspect of nursing.