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  1. SummerTimeCCRN

    Workin part time while going to nursing school???

    I worked part time as a NAII and it actually helped me survive nursing school. I had constant resources and co-workers to help me understand difficult concepts and that would share tips for remembering drugs, lab values, and other things that seemed impossible to grasp inside the classroom. Good luck to you, and consider working in the medical field part time while in school. It's a great opportunity to learn and well as a good networking opportunity!
  2. SummerTimeCCRN

    How to deal with slack students

    So, I've started precepting in my ICU. The students I've had thus far have been senior BSN students and new graduate RN's. When I was starting out in nursing, I would read the night before, ask "smart" questions, and make every effort to try new task and gain new experiences. I have been so disappointed with the ones who have come in to work with me. I understand that new grads will not know ICU drips and calculations, but not knowing what MAP is or means, not knowing that removing the patients o2 cannula can cause a patients o2 sats to drop, and text-ing at the desk, checking their e-mail, and taking random breaks at their convenience seems a little too much for me. I was never like this at a student. How can I get the new nurses or senior nursing students to take some initiative without "telling" their instructor or director, or making them feel dumb and like they can't hang a critical care unit??
  3. SummerTimeCCRN

    Support for life support?

    The best advice I have ever been given about taking a loved one off the vent is bluntly stated: "God does not need a ventilator" Also, reminding the family that the decision (if the patient will live or die after withdrawl) has already been made seems to take some of the weight off of their backs. If said with compassion and understanding, this can be just what a family needs to hear to make that world-changing decision.