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    NYU Accelerated BSN Spring 2012

    Thats true.. these days its hard enough to get into ANY program ... i got an interview to go to hunters accelerated program last year but i ended up not making the cut ... I wish i could talk to people that are actually in the program now to see how they like it.. its one thing to pay that much money and another thing to pay that much money and it not being a good program
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    NYU Accelerated BSN Spring 2012

    I just found out yesterday that i got accepted! i am super excited but at the same time worried about the cost... 83,000 just for tuition is a big commitment to pay back.. and i heard that the nursing program isnt worth the money... has anyone heard any differently ?
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    CUNY Hunter Accelerated Prog. Fall 2011

    hey everyone... i just got an email this morning about a interview monday afternoon... i read something about interviews being randomly selected? what would the benefit of doing random interviews? does anyone know what questions they are likely to ask and when you say group interview, do you mean that there will be other applicants present or more than one person interviewing you ? im so nervous!!
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    Accelerated Nursing Program @ Stony Brook Question :)

    i havent heard anything back from stony brook and its already jan 18 does this mean i didnt get in
  5. I graduated last may with my bachelors in science in psychology. i am planning to apply to an accelerated bsn program but i am worried that i will not be able to get in. i had a very troubling time my first 2 yrs in college and received C's in both chems and bios. my physio, anatomy, micro, and all other prereqs are either A's or Bs. I recently went to Aldephi to inquire about their program and they told me not to apply because of my C's and that taking this over wouldn't matter even thought my overall gpa is 3.4. is it possible for me to get in to an accelerated program in ny or even a nursing program? does anyone have a school recommendation? i have experience working in the ER and at a psychiatric unit and i know that i would do very well on the Net. I also have creditable recommendations. does anyone have any suggestions??