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  1. elson

    This Is The ER (The Anthem!)

    Is it just me or was that just too boring and lacking visuals? What was the point?
  2. I am going on an interview and need some advice! I used to do infection control- before all the new regulations and MRSA issues! I have been brushing up on VAP's CABSI's, SSI's etc., & attended a conference. Just need to know what kind of questions I should be prepared to answer.When I got the IC job before it was an in house transfer... So, should I expect Isolation questions, mirco questions? Is this or is this not an infection? I was CIC but let it lapse. It was my favorite job but remember that it seemed like I could never learn all of it. Then again at the time I did IC I was having my babies and was greatly distracted .... Now they are off to college, so I have no outside obligations and can focus on my profession/career. I am interviewing for other work as well. I would like the ICP more of course, but I have to be realistic, and take what I get....Any words of encouragement or advice would be appreciated.