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  1. bigd123

    Fall 2011, what's your schedule?

    Psychiatry-5 OB- 5 Religious values in healthcare-3 Legal aspects of nursing-1 Nursing research-3 for a grand total of 17 out of 18 credits possible I can take.
  2. bigd123

    Hypochondriac and anxious

    Thank you. I am tired of feeling anxious. I just want to live my life.
  3. bigd123

    Hypochondriac and anxious

    Yes I am on beta blockers. I think I may need a higher dose. This shaking is just really scary.
  4. bigd123

    Hypochondriac and anxious

    Every day I think that there is something wrong with my heart. I do have high blood pressure and I am being treated. I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. My heart always feels like it is really strong so much that my body shakes slightly. I am exercising to help myself but I don't see it working too well. I am most worried about my strong pulse. Please tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Anyone else feel like this, like they are always dying?
  5. bigd123

    Student Nurse Catch 22

    Myself and other students in my program are having a problem with time managment in our clinicals. We get 1 patient each and five hours take care of them. First we assess and talk with the patients and parents (in peds), we then do AM care and give meds if needed. After that there is usually nothing else to do unless the patient has a lot of care needed (and usually that isn't the case). Usually the nurses on the floor get annoyed if they see that students are in the hallways, but usually it is to find the professor and ask a question and the professor is usually scrambling around helping give meds. Nurses also complain that we don't spend enough time with the patients but I feel like I would be bothering the patient if I came in too much or spent more than the time needed in the room. What can I do to satisfy the nurses and the patients without being bothersome?
  6. bigd123

    "part time evenings"

    does anyone work at Hackensack Medical?
  7. bigd123

    "part time evenings"

    In a hospital what is considered "part time evenings" is that all night or just from like 5 to 10?
  8. bigd123

    Any Seton Hall nursing students?

    Anyone on here who is currently a nursing student at seton hall? And what classes/teachers do you have?
  9. bigd123

    Depression after surgery

    Thanks for the advice
  10. bigd123

    Depression after surgery

    Last month I had bowel resection of the terminal ileum and cecum because of inflammation due to Crohn's Disease. I had a good recovery and I am back to "normal" or as normal as I will ever be. Since I went back to normality I have been feeling a bit depressed. My apetite is ravenous and I feel like I have been eating when I am depressed. I also feel like I miss the pain I had for so long because of this disease. I never thought I would feel like that it's almost like Stockholm syndrome applied to diseases. Is this normal or is there something to worry about?
  11. bigd123

    Why is it not in demand?

    I was reading a book about the many jobs of nursing and gastro nursing was in there. Unlike the specialties in the other systems (cardiology, neurology, etc) this specialty did not seem as high in demand, and the pay did not seem as. Does anyone know why that is? I would love to specialize in gastroenterology and even become an NP and do it too but it seems like that specialty doesn't exist. I have crohn's disease and acid reflux and want to help other people with similar problems. Any thoughts?
  12. bigd123

    Tell me your GPA. Just wanna compare

    3.67 I thought that was alright then I saw other people who had like a 1.5 and I didn't feel bad hahaha:yeah:
  13. bigd123

    Learning medical terminology

    I am currently taking a health assessment class and so far it's pretty fun. I learned many new things even on the first day. My teacher wants us to know alot of medical terminology for a quiz and I was wondering how you learned the abbreviations. Some of them I know pretty well but others seem very esoteric. Any advice?
  14. bigd123

    Pediatric floor at age 19?

    I recently had surgery and when I came out of it they told me there was a possibility that I may be put on the pediatric floor. I thought this was interesting because I am 19 and I am 6'1'. They ended up putting me on telemetry because of my heart rate and I barely fit in the adult size bed. I understand that they can put you in pediatrics until 21. My question is, is there a bed that is larger then the adult size one?
  15. bigd123

    bad experience with a male nurse

    Screw that guy I want to be a nurse and when I make it higher up than him he is going to see me. It doesn't matter anyway, I want to be an NP so it's kind of different. Thanks for the comments by the way. I was on pain killers and I was very emotional, I hope that's normal lol. He thought I was a drama queen cause I was in extreme amounts of pain when they ripped the stent out of me also, which is why it is so disturbing to me.