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    need ebook

    Hello, I am looking for a medical surgical nursing patient collaborative care edition 6 ebook.. I have the hard copy, I just have so much to carry I am trying to lighten the load. Could someone please tell me if this is available as an e-book that I could download to a reading device? THank you in advance for any and all help you give.

    need help with Nursing Dx

    Imbalanced Nutrition r/t poor food intake, mania, AEB pt having weight loss, and too distracted to eat. Disturbed thought Processes r/t inablitily to carry on a converstation AEB all throughout his assessment it read "too Psychotic to assess, flight of ideas. Ineffective Coping r/t his breakdown, AEB psychotic break following rejection of marriage proposal. I am a first semester nursing student and just trying to tread water, but I have to come up with nursing dx for a bipolar man with mania, and he is so overmedicated, he can hardly walk, talk, or do anything. When he is off his meds he is manic, and totally happy and wants to fix everything. This pt was found on the interstate, saying to himself he shouldn't have listened to the barking dog. I just want to know if these are at least on the right track ...any insight would be helpful. I take criticism well and learn from it. :)

    need help with Nursing Dx

    Thank u all, I found this information very helpful. My teachers aren't teaching this but yet expect us to know it.