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    Anyone attend Mount Mary/Columbia College School of Nursing?

    I originally started this thread. I have graduated from MMC/CCON in May, '08. I don't know anything about their new curriculum but it looked pretty confusing to me when I looked at it online. One piece of advice from me is that if you can at all get into a ADN program, go for that. You get paid the same and you always have the option of doing an RN-BSN program. I myself am not a huge fan of CCON. I found the staff to be mostly unsupportive and the college itself makes every attempt to weed out students "they feel" won't pass the NCLEX first time around. Hopefully their new program will concentrate more on what the NCLEX is all about rather than wasting time with courses and stuff you will not need to know in real practice or for passing the Boards. Unfortunately, I've not heard wonderful things about any of the 4-year nursing schools in the area. I have however heard great things about MATC's program and you save a ton of $$. Good luck to all of you!

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