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  1. NewestRN_OnTheBlock

    can't get into an acute care setting

    I must say i feel your pain! I started off as a SNF supervisor too... in a 180-bed SNF and only 1 RN supervisor at a time. I'm also trying to find a way out of there lol... I feel like all the skills I learned in school are gone!
  2. NewestRN_OnTheBlock

    New grads working in nursing home

    The patient load is rough. On a good day, I'll have 30 patients. I vary from finishing super late (due to paying too much attention to patients) to finishing on time (and feeling guilty for snapping at patients and rushing off cuz I have no time). My coworkers are set in their shortcutting ways. But they're also helpful when I need answers or support. Students are my saviors!!!! With sooooo many diabetics and gtubes, I'm so glad to see anyone in an all-white uniorm walking thru the doors. This work tends to be too routine. I'm getting tons of practice with passing meds and prioritization and time management. I still feel like I'm missing out on sooooo much!!!! Anyway that's just my experience lol...