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    Madigan hospital in WA Bamc in TX walter reed in DC most likely the one at ft hood and of course FT Bragg, NC reason: well bamc is at ft sam houston, the headquaters of army medicine, i has one the the worlds most advance burn units. i know in my experience alot of critical care patients where flown to bamc. walter reed is a hospital in dc that sees alot of government patients. and the others are on combat unit posts. ft hood being the bigger post. and btw, ft lewis, WA(Madigan) is the most stateside requested post in the army. but pretty much any army hospital can provide acute care experience. i was stationed in the middle of nowhere in utah and i got lots of acute care experience in our little clinic. got acls and pals and i was only an emt-b
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    ah i see. I that sucks because my GI bill will be depleted by the time i finish this adn program i am in. the way they have it set up takes 3.5 years!. oh well I only have 4 nursing classes to go before i can start my bsn. problem is i can only take one class at a time in this program and im looking for a way to finance my education so i can return to active duty. theres also no ROTC program here
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    I had a quick question for anyone who has completed or currently enrolled in the army nurse candidate program. Does the program cover tuition as well or is it just a stipend?
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    Army nurse corps and civilian wife(nurse)

    awesome thank you all for putting my mind at rest :)
  5. I am an 8yr veteran and working hard to get my bsn and come back on active duty. I never gave much thought to anything other than that unitl recently. I met my girlfriend in class and I plan on marrying her and a big question has come up that i need answered. How hard is it to get my wife a job on post as a civilian nurse? also What about PCS? Is it difficult to have her move with me and have employment with dod/ dept of army? I really wouldnt worry but if I could get her in a government job and be able to have her move with me....needless to say that would be awesome. If anyone has information on this PLEASE let me know so I can stop worrying :)