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  1. mirandaann

    NCLEX Pass Rates For Charlotte Area Nursing Programs

    Cabarrus College of Health Sciences in Concord always has a high pass rate! Our school tests have always been rated harder than the NCLEX from past students. Great school! :) As of 6/30/2010 pass rates for Charlotte Area Schools: Cabarrus College: 97% CPCC: 87% UNCC: 89% Queens BSN: 85% Queens ADN: 79% MSON: 100% Carolinas College: 98% Gaston College: 88%
  2. mirandaann

    Need opinions for school

    You can get a year planner- the throw away kind for $3 at target! That is the best way to go! :)
  3. mirandaann

    What to get for 1st semester of NS??help

    It really depends on how many classes you are taking! Make sure to get a binder and organizers for it for each class- keeping organized is the key in nursing school. A good day planner that is broken down by hours is a great tool! I am going into my last year of NS and found that I have never been more organized in my life. Don't stress- just enjoy the ride! The experiences you will have and the people you will meet will change you life :)
  4. mirandaann

    WIA at CCHS?

    I attended the NA program at Gaston College, and students in my class used WIA. It's a good program and I felt it helped me prepare for my future schooling, I am a current nursing student at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences. Hope this helps! :)
  5. mirandaann

    Input on book

    This book was suggested to us for our last test, I found it to be very helpful with understanding the nursing process. It broke it down and gave some great tips throughout. If you have the time, or can make the time its worth the time to read it! :)