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  1. cindynavarro

    New to Case Management - Office Based

    Nice to hear that there's another side of nursing besides cleaning.... I am very, very interested in doing case management/utilization review. i dont know where to start. I am sooo desperate, I've contacted some schools and they are asking tooo much. I am on disability now and cant do bedside anymore due to my injury. I need help before i go nuts!! I want to take classess to get me to case management, pls. give me some info. I was encouraged by everybody's messages and you gave me hope. so pls. let me know. thanks so much. cindy
  2. cindynavarro

    Utilization review nurses

    I am an RN with ICU experience. I injured my back and currently on disability. I still would like to work as an RN but cant do bedside anymore. I want to take the class for utilization review but dont know where to start. can somebody please tell me where to go for the class and how long will it take to finish it? thank you so much. any info is great. cindy

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