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  1. *~RN~*

    Looking for LPN Position.....

    Where are you located?
  2. *~RN~*

    delta college

    When a new nurse lands his/her first job, the new nurse is paired with a mentor. The mentor shows the nurse the ropes and gets them oriented to the unit. Most hospitals have an orientation program like that. Once you graduate and get a job, you will have a preceptor and will orient and train with one of your fellow co-workers. LPNs pay varies upon location and where you work. Most hospitals in say the Lafayette area start LPNs off at 10 to 11 per hour. That might be different in other locations such as New Orleans or Baton Rouge which tend to have higher pay rates. There are nursing homes and LTACs that pay more money like anywhere from 17-20 per hour but usually they don't offer any benefits and please consider the fact that you may want to work in acute care to get the most experience you can get that way you are worth more to a hospital. LPNs with many years of experience are a true asset to hospitals and pay them very well with benefits. Also consider agency nursing. Once you have a year of experience, you can earn a very good salary. Agency nurses usually start out at 24 an hour some make up to 28. I work for an agency that you might want to eventually consider after you graduate and work a year. Thanks
  3. *~RN~*

    shreveport/bossier city hospitals

    Please help you guys! I can not PM anyone as I don't know how. One thing about nurses, we know how to care for people but sometimes we have no idea how to care for a computer!! I am interested in getting the info on the nurse recuriter there at Christus Shumpurt. I have been trying to get on PRN there without any response. I would like a PRN position there since I leave Lafayette at least once a week to stay with my family in Shreveport which is where I'm orignally from. If someone can PM me with the information that would be great. Thanks!!
  4. *~RN~*

    Very Concerned About This School

    Please pardon my response to the previous poster but I happen to disagree. If you want to be a LPN then please by all means go to school for practical nursing. DO NOT let anyone discourage your from this form of nursing. LPNs are an intergral part of the healthcare team. Although RNs make more money, keep in mind they have more responsiblity/liablity. I have worked with many LPNs who function as RNs and have the knowledge and experience more than any new grad RN I've seen. I have learned much from LPNs myself. Also once you become an LPN and work for one year, it is really easy to become an RN via home schooling such as Excelsior College. Many LPNS also transition to RN status by attending accelerated programs at local universities or community colleges. In reference to the school your are considering, I would tell this to anyone. It does not always matter where you go to school. You must make the most of the education you are handed. I went to school in a very poor district (high school) and they did not push us or help us to learn however I wanted to learn and took it upon myself to learn and self educate. I believe in self education. If your instructors do not push you or help you to learn then your education is your responsibility. You have to make the most of it in order to become the best. So just take it serious and you'll be fine!
  5. *~RN~*

    delta college

    I have met many a LPN who graduated from the Delta program. I have oriented and trained these nurses after they obtained their license. The program is quick and generally easy and the clinical program is very flexible according to your schedule eg. nights and weekend hours for working adults. I have a few concerns though. The nurses that I have oriented after graduation, knew very little about acute care medical/surgical nursing and hands on practice. I assume this is because of the lack of clinical experience. Now keep in mind that once the nurse was oriented for a longer period than say a nurse who graduated elsewhere, they worked out just fine. This may be the case for only the nurses who I have delt with but this can happen in any program. My advice is get as much as you can out of your program and you'll be fine. Don't ever accept the least amount of education possible. Remember it is your education and deserve the right to it especially after all the money you will invest. Don't take the easy road out just to get through the program. You will be much more prepared for your career if you push yourself to the limit even if the instructors do not. If you really care about nursing and have a passion for it like the rest of us then you'll apply yourself and get the most of your education. Education is what you make of it. Hope that helps a bit!!
  6. *~RN~*


    Acute care is a term often used to describe Medical Surgical Nursing however it can be used to described ER and ICU as well. Often times though, ER and ICU are refered to as Critical Care Nursing. In general any Med/Surg TELE floor is considered acute care experience. Acute care means that patients are in need of acute nursing care such as IV therapy including the infusion of cardiac drips, blood or blood products, etc. Long term care on the other hand does not qualify you for acute care experience. Long term care is more laid back and although you may have patients with IVs or on long term vents it is still considered long term care as the patient's condition are more stable than on an acute care unit. Also Long term care units recieve their admissions from other hospitals who need to move acute care patients of the floor who are not meeting insurance criteria. Acute care units generally admit their patients via the ER at all hours of the day or via direct floor admits. Let me know if you have any other questions!!
  7. *~RN~*

    Pay in LAFAYETTE

    If you have 2 years of critical care COME TO LAFAYETTE we need yoU!! Just sign up with an agency like mine. I work a 2 day a week contract (12 hour shifts) at a local hospital for 13 weeks. This is my 2nd contract in this hospital's ICU. I get paid 42/HR with health insurance benefits. I work for Symmetric Healthcare (http://www.symmetrichcs.com.com) or sign up for in house registry at one of the local hospitals. You will guarnetee your self at least 35.HR at the very least!!
  8. *~RN~*


    I live and work in Lafayette. I love the city. It's a great place to live and work. There are several large hospitals in the area. The highest paying for RNs is Our Lady of Lourdes although Lafayette General has uped the ante here lately. You will NOT get $30/HR in Lafayette. If you do agency though, you will get around $40-$42/HR however to be an agency nurse you will need 1 year at the minimum of acute care nursing. The agency I work for Symmetric Healthcare (http://www.symmetrichcs.com) offers great pay and health insurance benefits. They pay me like $40-45/HR and I can get paid daily and daily direct deposit. Our Lady of Lourdes has an inhouse registery as well. They require you to sign a 13 week agreement promising to work that period of time. They start RNs out at 35 with no benefits and LPNs at 20 no benefits. Lafayette General will start you out at about 17/HR and Lourdes about 18-19. This does not include shift diffs. Lafayette General though has an I Bid program so you can work PRN and just bid on shfits at the rate you want. Most nurses do this. They find open shifts online and only work when they get bid shifts that pay 1/3 to 1 1/2 more than the base salary. That means if you book 3 shifts a week at 1 1/2 your salary, you will always be paid overtime rates which at 17 that makes 25.50. Also consider the fact that the cost of living is much lower here compared with New Orleans. You can also try the smaller LTACS such at LHC Group LTACS they tend to start new grads out at 25-28/HR not including shift diffs but keep in mind you won't get that acute hospital expereicne. Hope this helps!!
  9. *~RN~*

    Where to Work While in School? Pre-Nursing Student

    If you want to work in the medical feild while in nursing school, maybe you should consider coming over to Lafayette. We have a ton of opportunites with several of our hospitals that offer free CNA training and Our Lady of Lourdes offers nursing students a great ACE program where you get follow the staff nurses around and watch them work. They pay you for this. It is usually easier to get hired after school if you were an ACE student. Our Lady of Lourdes is in the same network as Our Lady of the Lake the FMOL system. We don't have enough healthcare professionals in Lafayette and the local economy is booming not to mention its a great place to live and play!
  10. *~RN~*

    Possibly relocating to New Orleans from Memphis

    The best jobs in New Orleans are agency jobs. The money is good and New Orleans needs lots of full time contract nurses. If you work staff, you won't make much money. I work for Symmetric Healthcare Staffing and they pay me well. I work on contract in New Orleans, LA and they provide health insurance and many other unique benefits that other agencies don't provide. They are also Joint Commission Certified which makes me know that I'm working for a solid, sound, and competent company.