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  1. MsMeliss83

    Starting own NP practice

    Thanks for all the helpful advice! Im interested to know about people's experiences with EMR/EHR in the private practice arena. I will be my only employee, and most of my patients will be Medicare. So cost is important consider the low reimbursement.
  2. MsMeliss83

    Starting own NP practice

    I've recently been afforded an opportunity to start my own NP practice/business. I'm in Maryland and would love some info about starting one up and the legal stuff too. I'm obviously contacting the board of nursing and will be consulting with a lawyer, but just want some personal accounts and such. Thanks in advance.
  3. MsMeliss83

    Cosmetic Procedures Injectables

    no. none. i'm looking at different hands on courses to attend.
  4. MsMeliss83

    Cosmetic Procedures Injectables

    I would love some feedback regarding being an NP and cosmetic procedures, primarily injectables (i.e. botox/xeomin). I live in Maryland and I'm considering botox parties, I'm just starting my research and the legal aspects. Any and all info would be appreciated.
  5. MsMeliss83

    FNP - Charleston, SC

    My family and I are thinking of relocating back to Charleston and I'm trying to get a feel for the role of the NP in South Carolina. And the salary of the NP in Charleston, SC. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  6. MsMeliss83

    Nurse Practitioner Jobs

    My family and I are thinking of relocating back to Charleston, SC. I was a nurse before I left, but now am a Family Nurse Practitioner. I was wondering how the job market is for FNPs, and what is the going salary? Any information would be really helpful!
  7. MsMeliss83

    AANP FNP Quick Study Plan

    This was really helpful. I take my boards (AANP) next week! And I too was psyching myself out a bit about not having ample study time. I have to agree with many things you've said. I however, went to the Fitzgerald review live in January before my last semester. I purchased the Leik book, and aside from typos, the book is rather helpful and concise. I am not a fan nor would I promote APEA. I purchased their QBank tests, and I am doing horribly on them. I do not feel their rationales are satisfactory, there are typos, and incomplete questions. overall it is a waste of money. I tried contacting the company and the owner contacted me nearly immediately on a Saturday afternoon of a holiday weekend, however, I have not heard anything since. I too did very well on the AANP Family practice exam. Thanks for the tip on the Adult-Gero! I'm going to stop with the practice tests at this point and focus on mastering pertinent information necessary in order to answer questions.
  8. MsMeliss83


    How long after graduating can you sit for boards, and how long after you pass your boards does it take to complete credentialing? Trying to plan pregnancy/new baby/new job/moving.
  9. MsMeliss83

    Dermatology NP

    I'm very interested in dermatology, and would really like to get a job in Derm. I will be graduating in May 2015 as a FNP. I do not have any experience in derm and don't really know how to get my foot in the door. Please help.
  10. MsMeliss83


    I graduate next May (2015) and I was wondering how long after graduation you normally sit for boards, and after you pass how long credentialing takes? Major life events after completing FNP school, just wondering how to plan them out: new job, new baby/pregnant/moving. Thanks!
  11. MsMeliss83

    New grads at Children's?

    I too have not heard a word, so glad i'm not the only one. I was getting stressed out!
  12. MsMeliss83

    INOVA Trauma/ICU Preceptorships

    I'm set to interview for peds heme/onc and NICU in March. Graduate in May. Any words of wisdom or info about the hospital would be great! Thanks
  13. MsMeliss83

    INOVA salary for staff or PRN RN's..

    I'm moving to the DC area in May, and have 2 interviews set up for the NICU and peds heme/onc. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  14. MsMeliss83

    Moving to Baltimore..advice

    I am also going to relocate to the Baltimore/Washington DC area. I want to work in Baltimore and my boyfriend will be working in Washington DC. I would prefer to live in Baltimore. Any recommendations where a good location for us would be, considering his commute to Washington DC?
  15. MsMeliss83

    States Hiring New Grads

    I am probably going to be moving to the Baltimore area next year in May 2010. I don't know anything about the hospitals there, could you fill me in on the good hospitals? I would so appreciate it. I love peds, but am up for anything.