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    Rio Salado Community College

    I just finished the online program at Rio two days ago. They changed the program in September to the Evolve program. I heard from students that are currently in that program, that they have combined both pharm and process classes together. Our classes were separate. I had to wait one year on the MCC waitlist but got in last January. For both classes, you would have weekly quizzes and all of the reading was assigned in the weekly lessons which were to be like the lecture. The last two blocks the lessons plans were really bad. The biggest thing about the program is you have to be very disciplined to get the reading completed by the due dates. I was able to work 30 to 36 hours and complete the readings as well. Clinicals were held at the VA Hospital, Phoenix Baptist, Hacienda Health Care, and St. Joseph's. The nice thing a lot of our clinicals were held on Saturdays and Sundays, but we did have some clinicals during the week. Hope that helps. Good Luck.