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    Mayo New Grad program

    When I applied (Mid september) they sent me an email and called me the first week of October to schedule for an interview in late October. Hopefully you hear something soon.
  2. julie_sundevil09

    New Grad program at Mayo

    I applied for the January start date. I checked every day three times a day, and one day I saw the "check back soon" sentence change to "the application, titled "blahblah" will be available September 13-15". And it was! Some time later (two weeks?) I got a "thanks but no thanks" email from them but the following week a different name called and set up an interview for late October. They did all their interviews that week, and they let us know mid-November.
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    Mac or PC for ASU nursing students

    I was a PC user. I can't remember if the evolve select e-books were compatible on Macs (probably were), but I seem to remember a CD-ROM from a book bought out of a package (psych maybe?) that wasn't compatible with Macs. A lot of students used PCs but all the mac users seemed to get by just fine, and your peers will gladly share resources (hopefully!). There are PCs available in the nursing learning resource center and both PC and Macs available in the main library. What was more important was having the right software. I was in the program when ASU made the switch to Office 2007 and having the ability to read old documents and save in compatibility mode across all years of office seemed to throw some for a loop, but I imagine that's fixed/understood by now.
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    ASU Nursing Program Spring 2011 hopefuls

    The semester I got in (Fall 07) I believe all the alternates were placed. Some even as late as the week before the semester started. It's stressful being in that limbo, but keep your fingers crossed and be prepared for either outcome. Family emergencies, personal decisions about schooling, etc always happen. Good luck :)
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    Abrazo New Grad Training Program

    I applied around late August and haven't heard anything either. No change in application status. Fingers still crossed!
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    Dec '09 Grads, raise your hands!

    Graduated the 18th with my BSN! Interviewed today, it went really well and I've got my fingers crossed for when I call back about the position next week. :)
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    Maricopa Medical Center

    I don't have much to offer but I am a senior 2 (Graduating in three weeks, yay!) and a girl in my learning community did her preceptorship at Maricopa Medical Center and on the burn floor. Yes, floor. Not just a unit. She specifically requested the burn unit at Maricopa, so there's something to look forward to when you are putting in your wish list next summer! I will forward this post to her and see if she has anything she wants to tell you.
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    Any ASU Spring 2010 applicants out there?

    Crossing my fingers for you all. I'm an ASU senior 2, but I still remember the joys of that letter. Don't forget to post your good news :)