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  1. NewSCRN08

    RI/MA MSN Programs

    Good morning! What are everyone's thoughts about the different MSN/FNP programs in the New England area? Thinking about relocating there next summer and finally going back to school. Thanks!
  2. NewSCRN08

    Moving to Rhode Island

    bonesrn, Have you had any luck with finding a job in RI? I'm thinking about relocating there in a year (June 2012) and was wondering if you've had any success. What kind of field are you in? I saw that Miriam is a Magnet hospital- have you heard anything about that? Good luck in your search!
  3. NewSCRN08

    Moving back to Montgomery County

    I also forgot to add that I am an ADN RN, but have a BS in psychology. I noticed some of the county health jobs required a BSN; is this common?
  4. NewSCRN08

    Moving back to Montgomery County

    Good morning! I am a RN in SC looking to move home to the DC area; I have a year of adult outpatient experience as a LPN and over a year of adult inpatient cardiothoracic stepdown experience as a RN. What would you recommend as an "excellent" hospital to work at in the area? I would like to stay in cardiology or change to ICU, would like to start working in peds, and prefer to work in the MoCo area, although Howard and Frederick counties, Washington, and NOVA are okay as well. Also, what is an appropriate salary requirement? The cost of living down here is much much less than it is up there, as is the salary. Thank you everyone for your advice!
  5. NewSCRN08

    New Grad Dilemna

    Good evening!! I am a 12/08 new grad and passed my RN boards this past Jan!! YAY! Prior to graduating, I have 3 years as a CNA/student extern on an oncology unit where I worked mostly nights and weekends. It wasn't too great. I also have been working as a LPN for the last year in a family medicine office and I absolutely love it. My problem is where to work now. Even though I took and passed my RN boards almost 5 months ago, I love love love working in the outpatient setting. I love being able to establish a relationship with my patients and feeling like I really can make a difference through disease education and some prevention as well. I know you do some patient education in the hospital, but I also had the impression that the info went in the patient's one ear and out the other at discharge time and that they weren't paying any attention to their RN, just impatiently waiting to go home. I also love my schedule, and after 3 years of being miserable with rotating shifts and barely getting to ssee my family/friends/boyfriend, it has been such a blessing to be able to attend birthdays, weddings, and Sunday dinners. When I 1st graduated, I wanted to stay in the outpatient office setting (I'm looking to start a MSN program probably within 2 years to be a FNP because I love community/clnic nursing so much) but now I'm starting to wonder if I should get med-surg experience first after hearing so many people say "that's what you should do." Am I being selfish by staying at a job that I love and enjoy (even though I make less money) instead of going through the terrible 1st year of new grad med-surg nursing? If anyone has any thoughts whatsoever, especially if you've been in this position, please please help!! Nursing is such a wonderful career - I'm so excited to be in a field I love and don't want to grow to hate it, but I also don't want to be going about my career the wrong way. Thank you so much in advance! God Bless!! :)