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Moving back to Montgomery County

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Specializes in fam/int med; urg care; CT stepdown/ICU. Has 3 years experience.

Good morning!

I am a RN in SC looking to move home to the DC area; I have a year of adult outpatient experience as a LPN and over a year of adult inpatient cardiothoracic stepdown experience as a RN.

What would you recommend as an "excellent" hospital to work at in the area? I would like to stay in cardiology or change to ICU, would like to start working in peds, and prefer to work in the MoCo area, although Howard and Frederick counties, Washington, and NOVA are okay as well. Also, what is an appropriate salary requirement? The cost of living down here is much much less than it is up there, as is the salary.

Thank you everyone for your advice! :yeah:


Specializes in fam/int med; urg care; CT stepdown/ICU. Has 3 years experience.

I also forgot to add that I am an ADN RN, but have a BS in psychology. I noticed some of the county health jobs required a BSN; is this common?


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Suburban!! I did a couple of my preceptorships there for school and I completely loved it! They do have a cardiac ICU (as well as regular) and are affiliated with NIH for heart and stroke stuff. Don't do Frederick Memorial though. I work at Hopkins and they transfer all their good cardiac stuff to us so you won't get anything interesting there. :)

Frederick Memorial is opening (or it may be open now) a new cardiac area. I heard about it on my hospital tour to volunteer there. They are also going to have a pediatric emergency room (right now everyone goes to the same one).

Montgomery County is an expensive area to live in, and Frederick is right behind it. :(

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Look at WAH. They have a stroke center and WHC is rated as a Top 20 (I think)USNEWS cardiac hospital.