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  1. Hi guys! I am in such stressful times. Here is my situation. I am done with all GEs and figuring out where to go for the program. I got accepted into GLENDALE CITY COLLEGE NURSING (ADN) for FALL 09 (I start this summer for prep classes). ALso, I got into Spring 10 class in cal state la. I am pondering on which school to attend. Should I go to Glendale for an ADN this summer or wait until spring for a BSN at CSULA (which can take up to 2.75-3 years) I have read other posts by nurses stating that majority of the hospitals are now requiring or preferring BSN over ADN nurses. I am confused and pressured not to make the wrong decision. The tuition is not a big deal. Would the pay/benefits make that big of a difference between the 2 degrees? please advice thank you all =]
  2. jtan52

    National University review

    Hi! I heard about NU through a radio advertisement lol. they recently just started a nursing program in the Los Angeles campus. i went to the orientation and did some research about their accreditation, and they looked legitimate. the LA campus has a BSN for around 22-24 months
  3. Hi all! I am new to the site so pardon if there have been previous posts. I just received an acceptance letter from Glendale College. I was thrilled that a school took me in and that I would not have to wait a year or so to go to school. I applied to CSULA, GCC, Pasadena CC, Rio Hondo, and Citrus college. So far, I've only heard from GCC. My first choice would be CSULA so I could earn my BSN, but an associate from a community college would also be great! I was wondering if anyone is/was in the GCC program and how was it? The experience and education. i know that there's a new building for science there so that's a plus. would you prefer Pasadena or Glendale? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! =]

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