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    Please help me decide how to proceed

    I wouldn't reach out directly to the manager just yet. Give the recruiter a bit more time and try not to be toooo persistent with emails and calls. I'm sure they're getting them and will respond when they've made a decision..afterall, they can't just leave you hanging on like that forever. Sit tight and good luck!!
  2. NewPath2Follow

    CNA to boost chances for Nursing School??

    priscilla1976 and mmt4: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. I'm thinking the CNA course just might be worth it after all! Thanks for the well wishes too, I need all the encouragement I can get! :)
  3. NewPath2Follow

    CNA to boost chances for Nursing School??

    liloadro and caliotter3, thanks so much for responding!
  4. NewPath2Follow

    CNA to boost chances for Nursing School??

    This is my very first post to this site and I'm hoping to get some sound advice. I've recently decided that I want to become a nurse so I'm starting everything from scratch with no health background or medical experience. I earned a BA in Communications in 2005 and couldn't find a position in my field. Now, 4 years later, I am unhappy in my current job as an Administrative Assistant (not in my field of study). I will start prereqs this summer in hopes to join an acceleated program in the NY area. I have no background in the medical field (no med schooling/classes, no volunteer work, nothing!) and I'm considering taking a CNA course. I want the certification and I'll do the clinical hours that the school requires but it isn't likely that I'll quit my current job to seek a CNA position full time. However, I'll consider a part time CNA job if I can work it into my schedule somehow. Will the CNA certification help boost my future nursing school application if I don't work as a CNA?? By the way, none of the schools I'm considering make CNA a requirement. I would mainly be doing it for the knowledge and the experience. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.