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    illegal nursing

    Question to my peers. I have suffered chronic abdominal pain since i was 15 now I'm 21. The pain is located in my luq and radiates through to my back. I have had MRI's, US's, CT's, and even had nuc med studies. Everything is felt to be wnl except for my liver and spleen are on the upper limits of normally large. I take lyrica which really does take the edge off the pain and makes it tolerable. I have abdominal pain daily no matter what. Most days I'm able to make it through a shift without having to take any vicodin (which is prescribed to me). I have taken vicodin as needed for the last 6 years. It doesn't affect my mental clarity or cause euphoria. Finally my question to ya'll is one the bad days when i cannot get through a shift or the only way i can get out of bed is by taking the narcotic. If i go to work is that considered working while impaired even though i don't get "high" from it? There has to be lots of nurses in my situation. I work in an er so we see drug seekers all the time, and at times i feel horrible that i have to take pain medications. I have seen numerous specialist, tried physical rehab, and many forms of treatments, but the only thing that makes the pain tolerable at times is the vicodin. I know many people will say i should call in on those days but i only have so many sick hours alloted and er spots are very competitive. Is there anyone else in my situation it would help to have someone to chat with. Sorry for any typos just got off the night shift.