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    Finding a job in NYC

    Greetings all! Does anyone here have or know anyone out-of-state who has found employment as a RN in the manhattan/brooklyn area? I'm an ADN grad in the midwest looking to find a job in well, any one of the burroughs... My goal is to one day work in a manhattan hospital, but it seems nearly impossible with the market down, foreigners on the rise, and the well educated local grads to pick from... The best thing is probably to gain experience at a local hospital, nursing home, etc., but I'm afraid I'll settle down here and miss out on living in the big city during my 20's. Let me know, thanks guys! -Pete
  2. well, I'll be 21 in a month and looking to jump into the nursing field.. maybe. Ideally, I was thinking lpn-rn but after reading a number of posts, threads, and articles on the ADN/BSN debate & the "shortage" of nurses, I've started to think twice. After reading that many grads are still desperately searching for employment, and having the BSN possibly be the new standard, I feel like I'm at the bottom of the river trying to swim upstream. There's so much competition just getting into a nursing program.. well atleast at my local cc (twin cities), since they are constantly flooding with applicants. It's a shame that society doesn't give more respect to you underrated nurses and all the hard work you had and have to go through.. Anyway, I just don't know if this is a road worth taking.. I've always enjoyed helping/pleasing others and maybe that's my problem; I'm trying to save someone else before I can save myself. Ah it's just tough though, seeing friends and old classmates wrapping up college, and getting internships or jobs. wow I love being envious, it's great. I guess this is more of a pathetic blog rather than a discussion. so yeah, I guess I'm just venting.. Well, let me know if you have any advice for a person on the fence! LOVE
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    Has nursing always been this competitive?

    Thanks everyone! your absolutely right... Got a lotta thinkin' to do. Much much appreciated!