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  1. lauralea18


    i try to go watch all lac repairs to try and get my body used to it. don't think it's working very well. I understand we all have our things, sometimes I just feel like too much blood is my "thing". and that's just not okay.
  2. lauralea18


    I am a new nurse and working at my first nursing job in the ED. I'm in my 9th week and I am still getting queezy and to the point of almost passing out in certain situations. It's really only been with lacs that get me to the point of almost passing out. I'm starting to freak out that this isn't what I'm supposed to do!? Whenever I watch the doctor numb or suture any lacs I have to leave the room because I know if I stay, he'll have two pt's in one room. I don't understand it...I'm not grossed out at all. It's like my mind and body are just disagreeing. Has this happened to anyone else? Will I get over this? Do I need to move to the floor? I love working in the ED and would hate to have to change to somewhere else. HELP!
  3. lauralea18

    Alabama to Florida

    So, in you all's opinion, would it be best for me to go ahead and get a job in Alabama while I'm waiting on everything for Florida?
  4. lauralea18

    Alabama to Florida

    I recently graduated and passed my boards in Alabama, but have family in Florida and was looking at possible jobs there. If I did this, would I have to take boards all over again there?
  5. lauralea18

    "GRAY SCREEN," does it mean you have failed????

    i took the nclex friday and find out this morning i passed!! :) after 75 questions, the screen turned gray, then turned blue. it obviously is not true because i def passed with a grey screen :)
  6. lauralea18

    I have the last edition of Saunders...

    Drop and drag...you mean like put in order of which you do first and so on?
  7. lauralea18

    I have the last edition of Saunders...

    I take the NCLEX Friday and have been studying the Saunders book I got while in nursing school. I just realized that it's not the most current edition (only one behind). Is this a huge problem?? I'm starting to freak out, but can't afford the money or time to go get a whole other book this late. HELP!
  8. lauralea18

    HELP!! NCLEX meds

    I take the NCLEX May 1st. I know there are usually a lot of med questions, but the thing is, that's my weakest area. I've never been good at remembering med info. I know there are some threads with random fact throwing, so if anyone could do something similar, with only meds it would help me out sooo much. I don't even know where to start to begin studying meds. Not sure which to study, etc. Thanks!!
  9. lauralea18


    Haven't heard of it. NCLEX Made Incredibly Easy & Saunders are good ones too though!
  10. lauralea18

    hot long for results?

    I'm in Alabama. Are the results with Quick Results given via e-mail / snail mail ? And I just realized my typo in the headline...hot long....oops!
  11. lauralea18

    hot long for results?

    I take the NCLEX-RN on May 1st and was wondering how soon do you get your results? I know with HESI it was instantaneous, so curious how different NCLEX is.