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  1. baby girl

    Nursing In Calgary

    Hello everyone. I am sure that this question has been asked before however I could not find the thread. So I shall ask and hope someone can advise/enlighten me! I am moving to Calgary with my family as my husband has a job with the Calgary Police Service we have been trying to move out since Sept 2008 and hopefuly have got there at last! I am a Critical Care Nurse with 14 years experience and am looking to continue my nursing career once we hane found somewhere to live and our three boys have settled into schools. I am aware that AHS has had a recruitment freeze except for internal posts since early 2009 but am (perhaps foolishly) hoping that the situation will change soon or perhaps I can get agency work. I am also considering volunteering to help me make new friends and learn more about Canadian life / communities. Can anyone offer me any hope or advice. Many thanks in anticipation........
  2. baby girl

    Working in Calgary - Anywhere

    Hi Dishes and many thanks - will give it a go BG.:):):)
  3. baby girl

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    Sorry its me again Just remembered this one ..... an oldie but a goodie.................. wait for it................ "Why does it hurt when I pee/" by the one and only Mr Frank Zappa!!!
  4. baby girl

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    The bitterist pill is hard to swallow - Paul Weller Jagged little pill _ Alanis Morissette
  5. baby girl

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    "The first cut is the deepest" Rod Stuart 'The Drugs Dont Work' (cant remember artist - sorry) Another day in paradise - phil collins
  6. baby girl

    Best UK specialty?

    Hi, Silverdragon is in my limited experience absolutely correct. I have just managed to get temporary registration in Canada but had to prove experience during my training in all areas including maternity, paeds, mental health, learning disibilities, and med/surg. Currently UK training does not allow for such a broad spectrum of experience and you may very well have to take further courses before you can get temp reg in the US. I advise you to be very careful when you pick a nursing course in the UK as having asked students I have recently come across on my ward, adult nurses now recieve very limited if any paed/maternity/mental health experience and this may well hold you back in the US. Good luck and welcome to nursing anyway if you are determined and do your research you will be fine I am sure. Regards BG.
  7. baby girl

    Working in Calgary - Anywhere

    Hi there, My husband starts work for Calgary Police Service in April:). I will be joining him with our 3 boys as soon as possible after that date. I have temp reg with CARNA however the recruitment freeze seems to be never ending:crying2:. My temp reg only lasts 18 more months during which I have to start work in order to maintain my career. I am an experienced ITU Sister in the Uk. Is there any agency work or private health system available or does anyone have any wise words. AHS cannot keep this up forever....or can they?? Yours hopefully BG.
  8. baby girl

    "...Nurses are Doctors SKIVVIES"

    You will only become a skivvie if you allow someone to treat you like one - the answer be a professional. In my uk experience nurses often advise more junior doctors. It would pay them well to remember that sometimes as we also have the ability to make their working lives tricky. We are not inferior or superior to any other health professional. The patients all need us to be a team.
  9. baby girl

    Dear Patient - thankyou for reminding me why I nurse

    What a lovely person he sounds he sounds like he was lucky to have you also. It is wonderful to have such great reminders to make up for all the rest!!