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  1. Hi! Does the offer still stand? I am looking for a place to stay in Adelaide. I know of 2 who are also going :) Please let me know asap. Thank you!
  2. oh yes, i remember. :) i hope she gets to read my post:)
  3. Sure! will email you tonight. gtg first. may duty :) Thanks dear!!
  4. QC:) im still waiting for my visa, just like you. Estimated waiting time accdg to my counselor is 4 weeks so probably end of Feb, hopefully:) Do you have a place to stay in SA already? Im actually looking for companions, I don't have relatives there. If all's well, I am considering the university's accommodation. How about you?
  5. What I know is, they require atleast 2 years of nursing experience.
  6. Not really. They consider volunteer experience. You just have to present a proof that your duties are the same as that of a staff nurse.
  7. Yes:) so glad you are taking the course too. Where are you from? Did you apply through idp manila as well?
  8. Hi Doza! I didnt get ahpra approval for ARNTP. They actually do not need it upon application. ARNTP only has April and October intake for this year i think. Good luck to you!
  9. Hi! I'm new here. Anybody who is bound to take the ARNTP this April at the Univ of South Australia?