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    Graduated 20 yrs ago, failed and now studying for NCLEX

    Good for you on deciding to pursue your dreams. Like you I went to school for LVN 10 yrs ago and did not pass the boards, and it scared me. I never took it again but was working in the medical field front office. Then when I became a mgr I was making the same pay rate as an LVN so why go back. But my dream was to be a nurse too. Well, I just passed my boards for LVN so now I am a nurse..yeah.. so it's never too late, you can do it. Have faith in yourself, I used saunders and the cd really helps you get ready for the boards in the same method of how you would take the exam. Good luck
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    Some Advice about your future..

    I just got my LVN license in April and is having such a hard time getting a job, you think the best way is to take a CNA job and then transition over to LVN?
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    What is a private duty nurse

    Hi all, So I've been hearing that people are working as private duty nurses before they get their actual license for LVN. What exactly does that mean "private duty nurse" and are you able to give meds to your patients and if so, are you still within the scope of practice? Is it like home health? Someone educate me please!!! Thx:uhoh3:
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    Help I need a job in los angeles county ca

    Hi to all the nurses I am new on here. I just got my LVN license finally after going to school ten yrs ago. Anyways, all I have heard before I passed my boards is there is such a shortage for nurses. Little did I realize that they were talking about RNs. I am having a hard time looking for a job in my area. Los Angeles and Inland Empire. Can anyone tell me where I can go or what registry to contact that will hire new grads LVN?:plsebeg: thx