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  1. soonermommy

    OSU OKC Time?

    Thanks!! That is exactly what I needed to know!! I only have 4 science classes left and have enough points that I could probably get in, but wasn't sure I'd want to take a science lab along with the nursing classes! It also helps to know how much time the nursing classes will take. The study time you listed does scare me a little bit!! Taking classes part-time and then being able to work part-time was one of the most appealing things about nursing school. I don't mind the studying, just the time away from my family. Another question - I noticed many of the nursing classes are offered online. Do you go to some classes and others online? It just seems it would be scary to only do online classes and then show up at clinicals!! Thanks again!!!
  2. soonermommy

    OSU OKC Time?

    I'm looking at OSU OKC ADN program. I'm trying to decide if I need to go ahead and complete all my pre-req's before the nursing classes or is it possible to do some with the nursing classes. I have enough points to get in with a few pre-req's left, but just didn't know how that would work "time-wise". Is there anyone in the OSU OKC program that can tell me how much time it takes you for the nursing classes? Thanks so much!!!