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  1. roman1305

    How many times you can take NCLEX in OHIO?

    I am still studying but it is just so hard haha i just am sick of doing it but i get married sept 19th and i take test on sept 8th i dunno whether to wait till after wedding or what
  2. roman1305

    How many times you can take NCLEX in OHIO?

    It hard to be positive when i have failed it 3 times now haha
  3. How many times can you take nclex in OHIO?
  4. roman1305

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    The Trick really does work. I took the nclex on April 20th and i tried it. At first it said that I had a open registration and couldn't register again. Well thats not the message you want to see. You have to wait for your test to be successfully submitted and then try it. If you get to the Credit card info page then you fail. If you get a pop that says you cant register and to contact your boards, then you passed. My buddy took it on tuesday and i did this for him and it blocked him with the contact boards message. He passed. Look at it as a cheap way to find out and if you don't pass just start study and pass it the next time. I had so much riding on passing and it all went down the drain. Just keep a good attitude and crack the books and kick butt next time.
  5. roman1305

    Just took 265 Questions today

    not yet still waiting. It has been 31 hours.
  6. roman1305

    Just took 265 Questions today

    Welp I did the pearson vue trick yesterday and today. Yesterday it wouldn't let me reregister and today it will. Who knows. My buddy just took it today and I did the trick for him and it won't let him reregister. I am waiting for the quick results so i can find out.:angryfire:uhoh3:
  7. roman1305

    Just took 265 Questions today

    I just took my NCLEX and got all 265 questions. I had 5 of the put in order drop boxes, and about 15-20 Select all that apply. Alot of priority and Med questions. I hope i passed. Anyone else had the same type of questions and passed?

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