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  1. lisettern

    Any new grad jobs?

    Congratulations on your new position at Ocean Medical Center! Just wondering if you had any connections to get his position or did you just apply on line? Just wondering.... I keep applying on line, but not much response yet. I think sometimes it helps to know someone.
  2. lisettern

    Mount Sinai - NY - RN jobs

    I am in the same exact boat as you! "New grad" with BSN, interviewed with nurse recruitment, waiting...waiting... waiting...! We should compare notes. If you are so inclined.
  3. lisettern

    Mount Sinai - NY - RN jobs

    Again, I am curious---you interviewed in May and waiting to be placed on a unit. Not sure what that means. Did you get hired, since you are waiting to be "placed" on a unit? Or did you just get interviewed by Nurse Recruiting and they are going to get you an interview on a unit?
  4. lisettern

    Mount Sinai - NY - RN jobs

    Just curious---has anyone (particularly new graduate nurse) either ASN or BSN applied and gotten a job or even an interview at Mount Sinai in the past six months? Does anyone know if they are on a hiring freeze right now for new nurses? Would like to get some information to apply. Thanks for you info and reply.