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    New to nursing....

    Hi I am pretty new to the nursing field... in fact I am not really into it yet... I am editing my original post, as I initially paid no attention to the rules, and got into some forbidden legal stuff... So I guess I'll just say hello... I recently enrolled in a short CNA program with the intention of exploring things. This is something I have thought about for years, but kinda put things on the back burner while I tried to mess up my life..... So now I have a few years clean and am trying to start things over. I plan on doing this CNA thing for a while and then maybe working on an RN. If anyone has any input on this strategy that would be great. This is a big exercise in humility for me as I have a pretty good 4yr degree from a pretty good school, and am well beyond the age of the 'typical' student... but I am really excited to get going on a new phase. This is really the first major change I have made since getting sober 3 years ago.. It is a little strange for me to be so geeked about making beds, transferring patients, and what not, but I am... pretty neat eh? As for the legal stuff... I guess I will have to trust....:spin: