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  1. ashbrook2001

    NLN LPN Pre Entrance Exam

    Relax! Where are you planning on attending? I took it twice. Got a 93 the first and 96. Remember its based on how you do compared to everyone else you took it with. Good Luck!
  2. ashbrook2001

    NLN LPN Pre Entrance Exam

    Got my results today! 2 Weeks earlier than expected! My compsite was 133 and my percentile was 93%! Had to have 90% to get accepted. Nursing school here I come! YIIIPPPPEEEE!
  3. ashbrook2001

    NLN LPN Pre Entrance Exam

    Hello to everyone! If someone who has taken this test could offer some advice. I have been studying from the study guide, does anyone know how much of the test is verbatim from the book? Are there drug cal questions on the test as well? I am reaaly struggling with the verbal ability portion. Thanks for any info.you can share.
  4. ashbrook2001

    Lanier Tech LPN ??????

    Has anyone heard of being accepted to the program on their first try? Almost, everyone I know has been accepted after applying for the second time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!