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  1. brown23

    I'm so mad at myself....I screwed up my gpa.

    I wish I could go back and change the past but what's done is done. Sometimes I feel like giving up and just switching majors!! But I tell myself that nursing is where I wan't to be. It's frustrating! Thanks for your answer and good luck to you also!
  2. I'm 24, and I've been trying to raise my GPA, and I've been successful, but it's not enough to enter the nursing program. My GPA is 2.73, and to enter nursing school it has to be a 2.75 or higher. When I first attended college at the age of 19, my GPA was a 3.5, I started going out and partying and not giving a rats butt about college. As a result, my GPA has dropped so low.:angryfire I'am so dissapointed in my self. I still wan't to be a nurse and have been taking classes over, at least the ones I did bad in. I still have a few more to complete, so I have a chance to raise it more. Has anyone been in the same boat as I'am? Boy does the past come back and bite you when you least expect it!