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  1. lesliehappy

    LPN-to-RN Programs

    Hey Michael... Fellow Unitek classmate! Its me, Leslie! =] i know what you are going through, because i too am going through the same thing. i saw you talking to mrs. christman today, so i didnt want to interrupt and say hello! =/ sorry. anywho -- i dont know what to tell you. i might have to go through a vocational school as well, if i dont get back into solanos program. luckily for me, i already took all the prerequisite classes. they are way TOUGH from what we did at unitek -- and trust me i know. the problem with me is that my gpa is low and i need a school that will take my overall rather than my gpa! [sOLANO DOES -- but i already went through their program and failed out -- thats why i needed the LVN as a stepping stone. so HOPEFULLY i get back in.] otherwise, i HOPE you find something. i know a lot of our classmates are doing the INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY thing...through college network. i didnt like the guy that was trying to PITCH the option to me. just seems fishy. he was making me RETAKE classes that ive already taken. but take that into consideration...it covers all your prerequisites and its a straight shot to BSN. think about it! this is your future! take care and let me know what you end up doing! congratulations for passing the boards! woot to us! leslie
  2. lesliehappy

    LVN program to become and RN

    Hello Jo Array! I just recently graduated from Unitek College, the Sacramento Campus, and I am currently searching TIREDLESSLY to find a job. if youre starting brand new, straight from high school, my advice to you, is to get your prerequisites done at a community college. its going to be impacted for sure, but itll be worth it since right now in CA its twenty six dollars a unit [i think]. just make sure that you do well in those courses, because some schools look as to how many times youve taken the class and might not accept you in. and also, make sure that with your sciences, your GPA is high. so if your brand new -- id straight shoot it to go through an RN program. otherwise, if your like me -- and had a little bumps through the road, i suggest to do the LVN thing. its going to cost a whole lot, but then again the education is accelerated. I went to Unitek, and it was tough. i really felt like i was teaching myself. but thats a WHOLE other story! but to answer you question, if you decided to take a non-degree and do the thirty unit option [is that what youre talking about] you can only then practice here in the state of california. i think that will be on your license, and you probably wont be able to move up in management. so my suggestion to you is that i would DEFINITELY opt to have an AA degree. you can still work anywhere, and if you wanted to get your bacholers degree, then they would recognize it! =] so my friend...best of luck to you. remember we are all in different walks of life trying to find the common goal of becoming a nurse. i know you can do it...so just stick with it and find out your options! leslie
  3. lesliehappy

    Nursing Drug Handbook Guide???

    NURSECUBANITARN2B: guess what? I PASSED! IM AN LVN NOW! next step now -- to find a job and a nursing program to get into! i havent been on here in a while, but i completely thought of you when i got my letter in the mail! i was literally SCREAMING and JUMPING up and down when i found out two weeks ago! =] ugh, what a relief! i soo excited! but i want to thank you again for telling me about the little tricks that is out there! wow, im impressed it really works! otherwise, i sent my letter and my check to sacramento, when i KNEW i should have drove, but good thing is, is that this monday, 05may09, i GOT my license in the mail! woot to that! im officially a nurse! =] but i hope things are well with you! looks like your back in the grind of things with school. hope thats going well for you! if you dont mind me asking, where are you going? if i cant get back into solanos program, im opting to go back to a vocational school. not my greatest decisions, but its a must if i want to fulfill my dream! take care and hope to hear from you soon! leslie
  4. lesliehappy

    Advice about ADN

    my advice to you, since you already have your BA in management, why dont you just do an accelerated program? although there are pros and cons about doing this, youd get your BSN that way! i dont know your situation, but i dont think that the waiting list for that is long at all. you just need to check with universities that are close to you... best of luck to you! =]
  5. lesliehappy

    HELP! i just graduated and need some advice

    THANK YOU to all of you who have responded! =] i truly appreciate it! im planning on calling schools that im interested and seeing if they can work with me, and if not, im just going to buckle down and retake classes! thank you, thank you, thank you! =D
  6. lesliehappy

    HELP! i just graduated and need some advice

    if thats what i have to do, im willing to do it...even if it means taking it at another college. thank you for your reply!
  7. hello to all here on allnurse.com! i am a new member to this site, so please, bear with me. i could use all the advice that i possibly can. i graduated from unitek college at the sacramento campus earlier this year, took my boards and is awaiting my results. i havent really looked into jobs yet, because i want to make sure that i have my licensed before i go out and find a job. [to all: i have tried the pearsonvue trick --> and it did say "status delivery successful." just waiting for my snail mail letter.] okay --> my dilemma...prior to going to unitek to get my LVN license, i was in the nursing program at solano college here in solano county. i failed out the two time that was alloted to me, and now...im trying to find an LVN to RN bridge program. i have already finished my prerequisite classes for the nursing program...FOUR YEARS AGO, and im scared that it will expire soon. but trying to go into an LVN to RN bridge, does it matter, or does it depend on the school? my sciences [micro, physio and anatomy] arent the greatest, and my overall gpa for the three classes are a 2.3. ive looked into MANY of the schools out here in northern california, and most of the community colleges are requiring that LVNs trying to get into a bridge program to have at LEAST a 2.5 to 3.0 gpa in their sciences. so, i am stuck in a rut because i tried to retake a physio class at solano to boost up my gpa, but they were saying that regardless if i take the class over again, my first physio grade will take precedence over my new grade. im soo overwhelmed....and CONFUSED as to what to do. i want so bad to get into an LVN to RN program, but it just seems that the demands are equally high as trying to get into an RN program. i need help. im trying to do it the cheapest way possible. im trying to avoid the vocational schools like western and unitek again --> to get the same ADN experience and the high costly prices! please -- if anyone has any advice for me as to what i can/should do, please dont hesitate to respond! it would be GREATLY appreciated! thank you!
  8. lesliehappy

    New and confused!

    my suggestion is...since youre already going to davis and graduating next year...why dont you look into the accelerated programs to becoming an rn. im pretty sure that san jose state has a program thats accelerated. [im only saying to go through and accelerated course because your are already going to have a bachelors]. i think the accelerated programs are eighteen months, and youll get your bsn. itll be intense, but i think that it would be better than to start as an lvn. [on top of that, im not sure if you need to take any nursing prerequisites] im just suggesting this to you, because my sister wanted to teach, but when she found out that a school didnt take her credits or something like that, she just did the accelerated program at nmsu. but either way...stay focused and just look into it. were all going through different paths in life to get to the common goal of being a nurse. good luck to you and your future! =]
  9. lesliehappy

    LVN School or Wait for RN?

    sorry its taken so long to respond! i havent heard anything yet...my twenty one days i think since i took my test was yesterday...[08sept09] and nothing came in the mail. checked today, and nothing...hopefully by the end of the week! ill keep you posted! =] hope youre well!
  10. lesliehappy

    LVN School or Wait for RN?

    it DID say "status delivery successful" before i clicked on the button...i cant remember when i saw that, but i did! oh! and thank you for calming my nerves about checking the website. ive been checking EVERYDAY since i did that pearsonvue thing last week! "/ but ill just wait for my snail mail. majority of my classmates took it at the same place i did, and it took them TWENTY ONE days to receive a letter in the mail. so...my twenty one days will be 08sept09. im praying for that day to come sooner! ill let you know as soon as i get my results! praying for the best! and thank you for responding! youre the best! "]
  11. lesliehappy

    LVN School or Wait for RN?

    i tried it...and it worked! it didnt let me reschedule to retake the nclex? is that a great sign or what? now i should just keep checking online on bvnpt now to see if my name is up! woot! you dont understand how fast my heart was racing and how sweaty my palms were! yikes! "/
  12. plaza... kaplan classes from lvn to rn programs here in northern california? how much are they charging, do you know?
  13. lesliehappy

    LVN School or Wait for RN?

    i heard about those tricks...do they work and is it true? im soo anxious of doing it that way, that i wait for my dad to tell me everyday when he gets home. id rather have someone else tell me, rather than me doing those tricks! i get sick to my stomach...but i should try it out, huh?
  14. to lottapaw... WOW! thats crazy! here i was thinking of inquiring into going to WCC for the RN program...but im not too sure if i want to now. i do have all my prerequesites done...but im not sure if i can do that program...[part time school and the rest online!] i have to be in the actual class. also...i know that this is a LATE post...but i went to UNITEK for my LVN schooling...and i had clinicals with Charles A. Jones students at a SNF. apparently you have to be a CNA for three years and then the program is EIGHT months. i dont know how that program is ran, but i was surprised with what they were able to do. [pass meds WITHOUT their instructors...] im not one to bash a school, but i dont know how this school is accredited...or what is expected of these clinical instructors. but otherwise...i hope you were able to find a program! good luck with that! "]
  15. lesliehappy

    LVN School or Wait for RN?

    i agree with NursecubanitaRN2b. [congratulations on your RN! WOOT!] i did do all my prerequesites at a community college, and i DID get into the nursing program....but unfortunately, i failed out my first shot...and missed passing by three points the next. so -- basically i failed out of nursing school. not only was i devastated that i missed my opportunity to become a nurse through a jc...i didnt know what else to do. i waited literally TWO years AFTER i finished my prereqs to get in...to find out that i failed out TWICE. but luckily, i went to a vocational school. i went to UNITEK the sacramento campus, and although it had its ups and downs...i managed to finish. i just took my boards and im awaiting my results. so no...i dont regret failing out of nursing school and rerouting my focus through going to LVN school. i honestly DID WAY better in UNITEK then i did in jc. although i get sad when i think about it...i know GOD indended for me to do this to get my skills this way to be a better nurse. so...i recommend that you still put your name on the waiting list...and in the meantime...if you have time...consider going to a vocational school. i want to use my license as a stepping stone to get experience in the medical field, and hopefully get into a community colleges' nursing program to get my ADN cheaper. otherwise...im considering going back to UNITEK or Western and getting my ADN that way. so...good luck to you. let me know what you decide to do!