HELP! i just graduated and need some advice


hello to all here on!

i am a new member to this site, so please, bear with me. i could use all the advice that i possibly can.

i graduated from unitek college at the sacramento campus earlier this year, took my boards and is awaiting my results. i havent really looked into jobs yet, because i want to make sure that i have my licensed before i go out and find a job. [to all: i have tried the pearsonvue trick --> and it did say "status delivery successful." just waiting for my snail mail letter.]

okay --> my dilemma...prior to going to unitek to get my LVN license, i was in the nursing program at solano college here in solano county. i failed out the two time that was alloted to me, and trying to find an LVN to RN bridge program. i have already finished my prerequisite classes for the nursing program...FOUR YEARS AGO, and im scared that it will expire soon. but trying to go into an LVN to RN bridge, does it matter, or does it depend on the school? my sciences [micro, physio and anatomy] arent the greatest, and my overall gpa for the three classes are a 2.3. ive looked into MANY of the schools out here in northern california, and most of the community colleges are requiring that LVNs trying to get into a bridge program to have at LEAST a 2.5 to 3.0 gpa in their sciences.

so, i am stuck in a rut because i tried to retake a physio class at solano to boost up my gpa, but they were saying that regardless if i take the class over again, my first physio grade will take precedence over my new grade. im soo overwhelmed....and CONFUSED as to what to do. i want so bad to get into an LVN to RN program, but it just seems that the demands are equally high as trying to get into an RN program.

i need help. im trying to do it the cheapest way possible. im trying to avoid the vocational schools like western and unitek again --> to get the same ADN experience and the high costly prices!

please -- if anyone has any advice for me as to what i can/should do, please dont hesitate to respond! it would be GREATLY appreciated!

thank you!


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my only advice is really your only option. retake classes, or take new classes, to get your gpa up. if a school will not accept retakes, which many schools will only take your first grade into consideration, then you kind of have no other choices.


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if thats what i have to do, im willing to do it...even if it means taking it at another college.

thank you for your reply!


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If I were you I would retake the classes that you need. Your time limit is approaching anyway. So you might as well pick out a good date to start from and go for it. Don't worry about that one school. Just tell yourself that you will look for a new school. It might be to your advantage to start over at a new nursing school anyway. If you have to travel or temporarily relocate it will be worth it once you are successful. Good luck.


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you can try excelsior college distance education program.but there is one problem it is not recognized in California.if you are will to move from California then this is the better choice.


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Hello and welcome to you the best in your decisions with your education. I would sugget that you contact the schools to see how long can you use your sciences...I always thought it was longer than 5 years, but I really don't know in your state. I would just apply to many of the schools around and pray that they consider the fact that you have completed all of your prereqs for the program. Good luck!


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Hello, as far as California goes, you only option is to take some classes in a online university with an rn bridge program.

Those are usually cheaper that vocational schools, but make sure the program is accredited so your credits can be used in California.


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THANK YOU to all of you who have responded! =] i truly appreciate it!

im planning on calling schools that im interested and seeing if they can work with me, and if not, im just going to buckle down and retake classes!

thank you, thank you, thank you! =D

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